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  • What's best solution for eye hollowness?

  • I'm 19 and I have eye hollowness which makes me look tired all the time even if I’m not.

  • I have had it since I was baby so what's the best for it?

  • Thank you for your question!

  • Youre 19 years old and you submitted a photo and youre asking what’s the best

  • solution for under eye hollowness. Well, certainly, I can address this question for you but I

  • would caution you at 19 to most likely delay any intervention but I think it’s important

  • that you understand how this issue is addressed at a practice such as mine.

  • To give you a little background, I’m a cosmetic oculofacial plastics surgeon specializing

  • in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the eyes and I’ve been practice for over

  • 20 years in Manhattan and Long Island. So the issues with hollowing is as you described

  • in your situation, obviously is not age-related, youre very young, but it does happen commonly

  • with aging. So to give you a sense of what we do and again, I’m cautioning you at a

  • young age to not necessarily pursue this because there is maintenance involved and maybe difficult

  • and particularly important for you to also understand is that your face is maybe still

  • maturing which means that a lot of things are still changing and it may be not as important

  • in a couple of years or as significant, I should say, as it is now.

  • But to address under eye hollowing, were talking typically the tear trough area and

  • the V deformity area under the eyes. Now these particular anatomic areas, when these are

  • particularly deep can certainly make the eyes look sunken and make the individual look very

  • tired. In our practice, we routinely treat this area with fillers such as Restylane and

  • Juvederm. These fall in the family of hyaluronic acid fillers. Now this is a very delicate

  • area and it does require a thorough knowledge of the anatomy and the precision to actually

  • make these corrections successfully and consistently.

  • In addition to that, we also use something called platelet-rich plasma (PRP). In patients

  • who have more of an age-related change, platelet-rich plasma works very well with hyaluronic acid.

  • In other words, what it does is it stimulates collagen, stimulates blood supply and we have

  • seen the aesthetics of the eyes improve greater than when we do hyaluronic acid alone and

  • it’s routine for us since we have so much experience with platelet-rich plasma or PRP

  • to actually do this in combination and get very nice results.

  • We also routinely follow our patients very closely. We want to see how they respond to

  • the hyaluronic acid. Sometimes people swell, sometimes people need reduction, may be they

  • need sometimes a little bit more. So there’s a lot of finesse to try to get the areas to

  • look right because it’s pretty unforgiving. People often come to us from experiences with

  • other doctors who do the injections and then essentially, don’t follow them that closely

  • and theyre lumpy and theyre regular and very often, we have to use hyaluronidase

  • to get rid of the hyaluronic acid. It’s an enzyme used to dissolve this.

  • So you can understand why I’m cautioning you, someone who is 19 years old, to start

  • pursuing this, may not be very practical but that’s at least an explanation of the anatomy

  • and how we help people in a situation similar to yours. So I think that it would be a good

  • idea for you to at least meet with your physician, your family physician and just discuss this

  • issue. There may be issues with hydration and skin care or meeting with a dermatologist.

  • Just think non-invasive and minimally involved at this time of your life where you don’t

  • want to commit to doing things that require maintenance. It’s usually not practical

  • for someone in your age range.

  • So I hope that was helpful, I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your question!

What's best solution for eye hollowness?

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Under Eye Hollowing can be Treated with Fillers, but it does Require Regular Maintenance

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