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My Name, is Kristina Quinones.
I am an abstract artist.
My art, and my inspirations, are one in the same.
Emotional states from my interactions with the world
are represented in the body of my work.
I'm inspired by the people of the city.
Their colors, their movement, and the beat of our lives together.
I pour my pain, and I lift the panel.
The fluid colors mirror my movement.
I rock the paint from side to side in a slow dance,
dictated by my breath.
I reach a meditative and emotional state.
My movement is translated through the color and motions of each layer.
As the paint dries,
the space to manipulate the movement
comes to an end for that day
It is clear,
despite my best intentions,
each piece will choose it's own path.
My work consists of multiple layers.
each layer suspended for three to four days,
until I paint again.
In the end, each painting will have gone through
10 to 12 layers of movement.
The dance is over,
and the piece is complete.
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Kristina Quinones | San Francisco Abstract Artist

438 Folder Collection
Chihyu Lin published on October 9, 2015
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