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97 Of The Best Things In The World
Fresh cloth from the dryer.
Old people in love.
Nose freckles.
Home runs.
Fingers on the fretboard.
Breakfast tacos.
Cat paws.
Hearing an old favorite
Lying in the sand.
Sunny selfies.
Perfect parking spots.
Kids playing outside.
When someone likes you back.
Wild flowers.
Frozen grapes.
When someone likes your post.
Old book smell.
Eye contecnt with animals.
New haircuts.
Ice cream sandwiches.
Picking up with an old friend.
Someone's smiling at their phone.
This emoji.
Sleepy voices.
First kisses.
Cute butts.
Thrift store finds.
Chanceled plans.
Baby goats.
Catching someone's eyes.
Otter pops.
Getting text back immediately.
Cool sheets.
Happy hour.
Arnold Palmers.
Cooking like an adult.
When someone covers you with a blanket.
Dogs who like you.
Late night pizza.
Actually laughing out loud.
Sharing your favorite movie.
Staying for one more drink.
A secoond bowl cereal.
Swimming in the ocean.
Baby picture of your crush.
Beating that level
Waking up to the rain.
Perfect jeans.
Nailing karaoke songs
Winning flip cups.
Crying at weddings.
Indents under your noses.
Having two episodes to watch.
Finding something you lost.
Climbing trees.
Laughing until you cry.
A house witha a pool.
Word "Canoodle".
Watching friend's kill it.
Adirondack chair.
When dogs look at their owners.
Sending LOL.
Snow fall
Nice e-mails from friends.
Empty theathers.
Camp fire cooking.
Cute #TBTs.
Smiling babies.
Live band.
Horses nuzzle
Last karaoke song.
Doing this in the car.
Disco naps
Making someone blush.
Sharing your favorite songs.
Dancing in socks.
Five bucks in the jukebox.
Nice pen.
Three-day weekend.
Playing with your hair.
Maple syrup.
Tall sunflowers.
Smooth rocks.
A clean house.
Leonard Cohen's voice.
Hole in one mini golf.
Conversation that ends like this.
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97 Of The Best Things In The World

27055 Folder Collection
Vivi Lee published on October 9, 2015    Vivi Lee translated    葉子維 reviewed
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