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  • Vietnamese cuisine is a style of cooking derived from Vietnam. Fish sauce and paste, soy paste,

  • rice, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables are commonly used. Vietnamese recipes utilize

  • a diverse range of herbs, including lemongrass, mint, Vietnamese mint, long coriander and

  • Thai basil leaves. Vietnamese cuisine varies slightly from region to region, with many

  • regions having their own specialties. Generally, northern Vietnamese cuisine is known for being

  • bland, while southern Vietnamese cuisine is known for being spicy.

  • Traditional Vietnamese street food is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal

  • use of oil, and heavy reliance on herbs. Vietnamese food is commonly ranked as one of the healthiest

  • cuisines in the world. The most common meats used in Vietnamese street food are fish, chicken,

  • pork, beef, and various kinds of seafood. The Vietnamese also have a strong vegetarian

  • tradition influenced by Buddhist values.

  • Street side eateries in Vietnam typically advertise phand cơm. Though cơm literally

  • means rice, the sign means the restaurant serves a plate of rice accompanied with fish

  • or meat and vegetables. Cơm is used to indicate eating in general, even when rice is not served.

  • Though they may look filthy, street side eateries are generally safe so long as you avoid under

  • cooked food. Vegetarian food is quite easy to find anywhere in Vietnam due in large part

  • to the Buddhist influence. These restaurants will run from upscale to street stall.

  • In rural and regional areas it is usually safest to eat the locally grown types of food

  • as these are usually bought each day from the market. It is not uncommon that after

  • you have ordered your meal a young child of the family will be seen running out the back

  • towards the nearest market to purchase the items.

Vietnamese cuisine is a style of cooking derived from Vietnam. Fish sauce and paste, soy paste,

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Street Food in Vietnam

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