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I like reading very much
I read book in my spare time after my work, and
before i going to bed
I fall in love with reading
My name is Wida. I come form Java of Indoneisa
books are expensive to me
And difficult to storing here in Hong Kong
Its also have to spend If ship my books back to Indonesia
We can exchange different kind of books if borrowing from library
To gain more knowledge by reading several of books
I will come here every week if I can finished all the borrowed library books
If not, come here every 2 weeks
I haven’t get well educated when I was small
I can upgrading myself through readings
I also can make many new friends who like reading in the library
We exchange our favorite books
We share the feelings after reading the books
Sunday to me is...
A day to release my pressure after a week 's work
I can go shopping, eating and gathering with friends
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Sunday Girls . The Mobile Library . The story of oversea worker @+852

662 Folder Collection
spvomo18 published on October 7, 2015
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