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What's up guys? All good?
I'm here with the boys from GA, boys from Luminosity
we came here to check out the soccer... various soccer fields here in Lancaster
we are here to play a soccer pug and am here with fnx today. Are you excited fnx?
fnx: Yeah!
I called the boys over and they thought we were gonna play a 5 on 5, but today is free kicks only
I brought them over to be the soccer barrier.
One will be the goalie and I will only be training my free kicks today.
Just like Rogerio Ceni and Marcelinho Carioca. (famous Brazilian soccer players)
Like Arse, any style you want it.
nak: Arse?
Arse, do you Remember Arse?
nak: wow, nice call... you know what you're talking about.
Yeah, I know!
So, today we are having this pick up game here
We also have the guys making media content here by our... *notices they aren't there*
New material coming out that we really can't talk about much just yet
but we will have new video material soon
so they will be filming us and that is why we came here
also we were already talking about playing soccer so we jumped at the opportunity
So that's it fnx, after a long time we are reunited with the fields
fnx: Yeah, we had our futsal team were we played some tournaments on the countryside.
Tetra Champions of Counter-Strike Futsal Paulista right?
fnx: right!
Exactly.. now TACO, do you play Futsal in Recife or how does it work?
TACO: Well, over there I was already a champion... won everything over there like fnx in cs 1.6.
Fallen: I have my doubts if you really know how to play.
Fallen: What about Henrique? Henrique one of the biggest talkers there is...
TACO: Look at his cleets..
Fallen: Look at this... show me this.
fnx: Look at how he came over..
nak: He actually brought his cleets... omg.
FalleN: that's it..
fnx: He looks like one of Corinthians soccer players... ugly as fuck.
He talks way too much man....
When I first met him, he said he was too good..
steel: kick towards the goal!
Guys, let's start getting that barrier in a line!
get in line!
Wow Henrique, you already missed.
How about you steel? I heard you talking alot lately too...
steel: You know it's real
Now it's the time of truth...
So I'm gonna stop recording here as to not ruin what story they will be telling on film and keep our morale up as no one will see us playing. lol.
Nak's good guys, Nak's good.
61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69...
70, 71, 72, 73, 74,75
I put it up for you fnx
and it's over... pretty good, pretty good
Nak: stop him! stop him!
You put it away with class.
Let me get it real quick... just one dribble.
Our opponents are arriving guys!
Our opponents arrived.. let's go boys!
Cold is getting here to fill in for their team
Send it in the goal... I'm just gonna check it
Fnx on the ball... he goes in for the KICK!!!!!
And it arrived at the other goal...
Nak: veto already?
What's up guys?
Game time now!
Cache and Dust2
Boltz won't mute his mic so I keep hearing his voice
Nak: Cache and Dust2? They picked cache?
No.. they picked cobble. Cobble and Dust2
we picked dust2
let's go get em..
They play well... it's been hard a couple of times but this time we have everything to be better
cold: got one
nak: nice
cold: got one more
nak: one more down
nak & cold: both site, both site
cold: to the right, one on the right and one site
boltz: on the left is dinked
cold: I got the one on the right
cold: one more to the right... got him, now only one on the left
nak: he's dead, nice
nak: we're in advantage, 3 on 2
steel: below us is dead
steel: awp on site
cold: stay there, I got boulder
let's go back, don't peak...
Nice fer!
FalleN: I'll flash and let's get him
boltz: awp on site
steel: got one, boulder.. boulder.. on front of boulder.
cold: got him!
nak: awp is dead already
fallen: c4 is dropped
cold: oh noooo.. what flash was that?
steel: important round guys.. let's go
steel: i'll smoke
FalleN: i'll only flash one
FalleN: let's win this round... remember to go together in a group
boltz: I'm very blind
boltz: this smoke is bad for us
cold: they boosted and are flanking! flank flank!
Nak: calm boltz, calm
Nak: Nice boltz, got one in Krimz
Nak: make the advantage count boltz... don't die
boltz: I'm already on site
FalleN: I'll aim connector
boltz: I'm inside hut low on HP... not peaking
coldz: Nice steel... two on B
Nak: both of them were there... could be connector pillar
steel: I'll get him, hold on!
Let's go!!!!
Nak: Nice! Nice comeback!
FalleN: One on xbox
FalleN: Got one crossing catwalk, one more
cold: Nice steel... Nice steel!
Nak: Beautiful!
steel: I got long
Nak: Fallen in long now.
Nice steel... you're a monster!
steel: at least a fucking 4K!
FalleN: I'll flash for you steel, go ahead
FalleN: don't peak
Nak: Nice guys!
FalleN: I'm T Spawn, if he comes long I'll kim him
boltz: I'm planting for long
steel: one CT spawn... All the way back, he's not coming yet!
steel: coming CT now
steel: still nothing CT
Nak: Last one cat.... NICE
Nak: CAT is clear, cat is clear
cold: Last one is CAT
Nak: Nice guys, Let's Go! One more.
FalleN: fer's gonna get a pick B
FalleN: he's pit
cold: CAT or CT Spawn
Nice Nice Nice
Nice fer
Nice steel
just kidding guys
well, I played some time with the M4A1
before... I mean after she got nerfed
and I felt that the shots were really laggy..
so I decided to play a bit with the M4A4
I found that the weapon was good, the fire rate is really fast
but the spray was really hard to control
I tried alot and am I spraydown type of guy so....
so if I'm not hitting shots my game really gets that much harder
So I came back to the M4A1 and am gonna play a while with her... and let's see how it goes
even with these laggy shot's I'm gonna give it another go
My new baby!
Nak: show us which one you'll use
I'm gonna use this one!
Nak: did you already have this one?
No, this one I just got it...
Nak: since you're going back to the A1 you gotta have that skin right?
buy first, ask later
that's it guys, thanks... peace!
Today is a pug day
boltz and steel
and cold, where's cold?
TACO: he's in the bathroom
steel: didn't he go get a haircut?
Yeah, today things are kinda crazy here
3 from over there, 2 from here
TACO: i'm going to kill it, that's all I know
TACO: you can just keep filming me the whole time
TACO: I'm gonna kill 30 per game
Nak: this video is only releasing after the game
Nak: but they'll see it after!
TACO: oh ok, then guys I killed it today... we already won 2-0
If you want to already have it on record
boltz: you know it, we're sneaky!
Nak: let's check on the other side how things are
Hey deadzon!
How is the team over here?
FalleN: we're all set!
FalleN: don't forget to join the team on our page or you can't join server
Here we have what? Henrique
FalleN: our team already has tactics
and Lincoln Lau (fnx)
They are telling me they already have tactics from 2014
The guys on the other side are confident!
FalleN: You think they can handle us? I don't think so..
FalleN: we never lost
FalleN: we don't know what a loss is over here
Lucas: we never lost!
FalleN: Oh no, we lost to these guys!!!!
Look who's over here?
FalleN: 0/0/7 on both players!
007 duo over there..
cold: if you're in shock ask for a pause my brother!!!!
FalleN: 0/0/7 on both? what was that?
fer: steelega, steelega?
FalleN: who laugh's in the end has the better laugh right?
.boltz: what about that A take on cache by you guys? 3 in the smoke went down.
FalleN: were you blind?
FalleN: I didn't even have the awp
boltz: someone was awping and legged me and I even told everyone "I'm dead"
boltz: then I went to byali's position and just fired through the smoke
shoowtime: what about their mid take on train? 3 tried to run through the smoke...
FalleN: oh no, our lineups invencibility is over!
Nak: in truth, your invencibility was only in Brazil right? So it stands..
Sup guys, back over here again
we're gonna play against team Coast
Stanislaw's team... he used to play with ShaHZaM and is a good player
I've already seen him playing on LAN aswell
So we have to keep our guards up, they picked mirage
and we chose dust2
We're gunning for them as we don't want to lose any more points on CEVO
So, come and follow this game with us.
steel: I'm moodi's position
steel: we have one market
cold: I'll watch catwalk
cold: catwalk still, I mean market sorry.
cold: let's get him market
FalleN: One more market, Nice!
FalleN: I planted for the other side
cold: he's on site
steel: wait, wait.
fer: 1hp, 1hp
cold: not 1hp man.
Nice steel!
cold: he wasn't 1hp, I hit him in the chest
Nak: look at the time
boltz: got him... one more.
boltz: got him
Nak: only one left that was jumping on B
he's window
Nice guys!
FalleN: I'm going to throw everything on B and you go connector.. remember that strat?
FalleN: steel, I need you to lurk around mid and smoke catwalk while we cross connector
steel: you can throw one from up there
FalleN: ok, you hang around mid though
FalleN: three of us here and steel mid
FalleN: at the one minute mark we're gonna throw everything B and go underpass
cold: i'll throw only one flash right now
steel: what do I need to do?
FalleN: you need to cover catwalk for us
FalleN: 1:10 we throw everything B
steel: he could be pushing A ramp
FalleN: now, throw it
FalleN: I'll keep nading, you guys can go underpass
cold: One pushed up cat
FalleN: I killed on B, wait
cold: still cat
cold: window window
Nak: steel's gonna get him
boltz: got one CT spawn
Nak: Nice!
steel: catwalk with 10hp
boltz: CT spawn is mine
FalleN: connector is mine
cold: I'm planting for CT
Nice guys!
Nice, nice, nice guys!
cold: i'm playing badly today
FalleN: your CZ round was intense huh steel?
cold: I'm playing badly on CT, gotta step up my game.
FalleN: that round we had to get a kill and retreat... like I told you, an advantage is an advantage.
cold: I missed my jump
fer: both of them are there
Nice steel!
cold: he is our best clutch man
FalleN: Yeah, best clutcher is steel
fer: that round with the c4 call you screwed up my round
FalleN: I thought it was there based on my radar
Nak: sup?
sup guys, now is our match against cloud9
it will be on train, we're ready
we're gonna pick T side, they won't be waiting
Most teams prefer to play as CT
But if all goes well today we're coming strong...
we're only missing one of their players
that due to an update on CS:GO he's taking a little while
but today the whip will crack
let's go
Nak: what was the update? have you seen it yet?
FalleN: no, no yet.
Nak: is that it Marcelo?
cold: that's it
boltz: try and stay alive as long as you can
FalleN; I'm going after these guys in Ivy
boltz: me too
cold: let's just go, we have nothing to lose we want T anyway
FalleN: it's not like that... they want T also.
FalleN: steel has 100hp still
Nak: sneaky
steel: two behind us!
steel: oh fuck
Nak: okay, now they were sneaky!
steel: Yeah, hahaha
Nak: wait and fer will get him
steel: just go
Nak: let's see if they'll want T side
Nak: they're gonna pick CT, no way
Nak: see? now we're on! Let's go guys!
FalleN: let's go guys, we're starting on our side
steel: we're doing the pistol we practiced right?
steel: guys?
boltz: I got the molotov, steel since you're going long you have to go for the kills
Nak: let's go
FalleN: don't forget your smoke fer
cold: let's go guys
Nak: "let's go"
FalleN: ready?
cold: Yeah
FalleN: I'm flashing
cold: heaven, heaven
cold: one forest and one heaven
steel: i'm going around to connector
fer: still on heaven
fer: still on heaven guys
cold: one connector coming
cold: dinked out of connector
cold: one CT hell
boltz: generator
boltz: did it just lag?
FalleN: did it lag for you guys aswell?
steel: one generator
FalleN: I flashed the first one
boltz: inside stairs lit
cold: one generator and one stairs lit fer... generator peaking
cold: still one generator
cold: I'm T hell... CT hell is mine
FalleN: one at forest
cold: okay, I'm still hell
FalleN: I'm covering you
FalleN: got one through the smoke
Nak: nice Fallen
cold: two at forest.. two at forest
cold: one more.... one more forest
Nak: nice guys!
cold: fall back
Nak: nice
cold: one generator
fer: 3 ladder, 3 ladder
FalleN: I got ladder
fer: he's retreating with the C4
fer: no wait, he's pushing...
FalleN: two generator
cold: two at site
Nak: two on site already guys
Nak: C4 is in front of connector
steel: I'm wrapping around CT spawn
Nak: C4 in front of connector
steel: i'm going with you
Fallen: perfect
cold: NICE!!!!!!
Nak: Nice guys!
FalleN: Beautiful pistol guys.
cold: lets go
Nak: let's comeback in this game!
steel: nothing in bathrooms
cold: ladder room is mine fer
steel: they got control of B halls
boltz: I'm going to Friberg's position
boltz: I'm here
steel: I'm holding a molotov for you
FalleN: one awp ivy
FalleN: I'm flanking him
FalleN: can you come through this side and smoke one for me?
FalleN: One more, one more coming now
Nak: Nice FalleN
cold: he's about to come in now
cold: he's pushing
fer: one more Ivy
cold: Ivy is by himself
steel: he's upper B
steel: they already came on to B
boltz: on top of train
fer: on top of train and site... 2 on 1
Nice try Fer
FalleN: if boltz can drop me an AWP I can give you one
cold: watch out for ladder room
boltz: Ivy
Nak: Nice FalleN
cold: Molotov here... he's trying to fake here
steel: I'm gonna risk it B
FalleN: if he peeks lower you can refrag him steel
boltz: two Ivy, two Ivy... I'm low
cold: T connector
FalleN: one already came out ladder
cold: He's on top of T connector train
steel: CT hell I think
Nak: Ivy Ivy, he's dead
One CT Hell, Nice try Nice try
FalleN: wasn't this time
Nak: Nice try guys.
Hey guys, we came here to celebrate our defeat
Just kidding
Today was harsh
We lost one and won the other
we came here to eat and talk through our mistakes, we already saw our match
and now chow time... cause an empty sack won't stand up straight right steel?
as soon as we're done here we're gonna go back and redo some of our strats
We realized that we have to adjust some things that against better teams can get out of our control
So we're gonna fix our strats and change a few things cause we will soon be facing them again
No problem
steel: it was the same thing last season...
first they beat us then we got them back
16x04 on overpass right?
Those guys are good.. they play very well...
and if you sleep the pipe will fall as my grandfather used to say
But it was a matter of.... we did what we planned
our team didn't play badly
what we had planned for our T side
we we're able to do.. we didn't make many mistakes in our executions
the problem is we focused too much on our entry's and missed a few other details that were missing
but now we're gonna fix them and who knows... maybe we can get them next time right?
let's eat now
Sup guys? I just woke up now....
Our chairs finally arrived
Now we will be 100% equipped in our gaming house room
Now we're all busy here getting our chairs setup
I'm gonna leave boltz' chair here.. let's see if he'll have the courage to set it up
One is already setup here
Nak: Sup marcelo?
cold: suppp
Nak: is it easy to assemble?
FalleN: Not really that hard
steel: the first one is kinda hard to get going but once you get the hang of it it's easyyy
steel: we done with this one already?
fer: Yeah, just missing pillows
Nak: I think so, try it out and see if it's working
steel: I don't want the pillows on mine
steel: let's see.... how do I make this lean back?
fer: here
FalleN: you like it a little leaned back?
steel: uh huh
steel: now it's locked in
steel: unlocked it and....
Nak: ohhh, it moves
steel: I like to lay down and be able to do this..
Nak: go all the way down so we can see it
steel: Nooo
fer: you just put the wheels in right? you don't need to screw it or anything
steel: this one is ready
steel: Yeah, just pop the wheels in
steel: first step
Nak: the chair is beating cold up.
steel: want help cold? where do you want me to use my strength?
cold: to the right
steel: is this good?
steel: or am Ieaning it wrong?
cold: no, you can lean it like this
steel: let me just hold this down
cold: gotta adjust my position
steel: you already locked in both sides right?
steel: it's better to do underside first then the other side
steel: if not, there's too much pressure on this side
steel: now put either the top or the bottom part
steel: it's not in the whole... I can see it from here
steel: do you want me to lower or raise it?
steel: lower?
cold: Yeah, now raise it just a little.. more more more
cold: now we have to push it to the front
steel: but if I push it forward it also goes down
cold: from back to front...
steel: but that is what I'm doing
Nak: this one is hard huh?
cold: you're pushing it down
steel: i'm not... i'm on top just pushing to the side
steel: look, only pushing to the side
Nak: it's already locked isn't it?
steel: Yeah, that's why
steel: try and lock the top part first.. it's better that way
Let's check out how it turned out
Everyone nice and confortable
No problems
It's a 10 in my book
and now we're gonna take this weekend to rest a little bit
So next week we can come back strong
There are alot of games next week and we want to be better prepared
Cause we have a few tough matches coming our way. Peace guys!
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LG CS:GO Series Episode #2 [ENGLISH CC]

1609 Folder Collection
dikai chueh published on October 7, 2015
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