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  • They're daring each other to ring the doorbell.

  • We shouldn't stare like this.

  • Why don't we both go say hello, or are you chicken?

  • Go for it, Mr Peterson! Yes!

  • - Whoo! - Now everybody's watching us.

  • - Good going, man! - Yeah, okay, yeah.

  • I'll go in with you. Sure. No problem.

  • Let's go.

  • There's bars on the basement windows.

  • - They got holes in their porch too. - That was a booby trap.

  • - You okay? - Yeah.

  • - I'm not gonna pay for that. - We shouldn't pay for that. We should sue them.

  • Well, um, let's... Let's say hello.

  • Hey.

  • Get the hose. Hang on, men!

  • Run to me! Run to water!

  • Ray, over here! Run to water!

  • Run to me! Come on!

  • I think they're gone, Mark. I think they're gone!

  • - You men hit? - I cannot believe you did that.

  • - Neither can I. - I cannot believe it! That was great.

  • The same thing happened to me last week. I was over there.

  • It wasn't bees though. It was a foaming squirrel.

  • In Southeast Asia, we'd call this type of thing "bad karma."

They're daring each other to ring the doorbell.

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The 'burbs (2/10) Movie CLIP - Bees and Bad Karma (1989) HD

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