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  • In the beginning, there was Mega Man. And it was good. And each game had a plot, but

  • you probably weren’t paying attention to them, but that’s okay. Then there was Mega

  • Man X, and it too was good, but as that series went on the plot started to push its way to

  • the forefront, and it kinda felt strange, but the gameplay was still good. (If you can

  • overlook that Guns ‘n Roses nonsense.) And then there was Mega Man Zero, which took the

  • desire for a more cohesive narrative and just... did it better. Made the whole thing make more

  • sense, while significantly deepening the actual gameplay to include a vast array of cyber-elf

  • upgrades. Unfortunately, it was also tough as nails, and pretty darn long compared to

  • its predecessors. And there were four of them. And they all made many references to the ones

  • that came before. If only there was a convenient way to obtain them all at the same time! Preferably

  • on a DS cart! Well, here ya go.

  • I covered the first Mega Man Zero, and the other three follow in suit: It’s the bastard

  • hybrid of Mega Man X and some RPG mechanics, with a resistance full of NPCs to help out

  • and mission-based gameplay that, depending on the version, may or may not pray for your

  • death. But you knew that. What sets this DS version apart is a neweasymode, which

  • - rather like Mega Man 9 and 10 - plants blocks over some sections of spikes for your safety,

  • while soldering all four games together into one constant narrative. It’s an interesting

  • idea, and if the concept of such a concession makes you throw up in your mouth a little

  • bit, youre free to leave it untouched and just play direct, faithful ports of all four

  • games instead. Hope youve got some sandwiches ready, though, because compared to your garden-variety

  • Mega Man, these are a bit on the long side.

  • Youll notice I haven’t said much about the plot... and after having been called for

  • spoilers in my review of the first of the quadrilogy, it leaves me effectively no way

  • to discuss any of the rest ofem. Suffice to say, the more youve studied up on the

  • Mega Man mythos, the more callbacks youll pick up. Though the Zero series is an acquired

  • taste, this DS collection seems to be, by leaps and bounds, the most effective way of

  • acquiring it. (And not just because it’s a darn sight cheaper than tracking down the

  • original games.) Sure, it doesn’t really do jack with the bottom screen, save for display

  • some nice collectible wallpaper every now and again. Beat the various modes, and not

  • only can you also unlock some character data cards, but the e-Reader cards that could be

  • used to enhance the third outing in the series. Because, as weve asked time and again,

  • who the heck had an e-Reader?

In the beginning, there was Mega Man. And it was good. And each game had a plot, but

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CGR Undertow - MEGA MAN ZERO COLLECTION review for Nintendo DS

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/04/18
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