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Čavić for Serbia in lane 4. Phelps, USA, lane 5.
Čavić will start very fast again.
How far does Phelps let him swim away?
The second 50 meters of Phelps are better than that of Čavić.
Phelps doesn't let Čavić escape in the first 50 meters.
Again, faster than yesterday; 22.69 after 50 meters. And Muñoz is also close.
But Čavić is not released from Michael Phelps at all.
Half a length lead, but wasn't that also the case in Beijing?
Phelps moves up. Čavić gets anxious. Čavić gets anxious!
Phelps is nearly next to him. Again such finish? Again such finish?!
Who's going to win here? Phelps wins! Michael Phelps wins here!
"Don't play with my balls!"
How many times have we seen Phelps like this? What the fuck?
The greatest of all champions. The best swimmer ever�
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100m butterfly Rome '09 - Michael Phelps WR [Dutch comment with English subs]

477 Folder Collection
Edan Huang published on October 4, 2015
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