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Hello my friends and happy Halloween!
I draw on black paper using a white, pastel like pencil.
You can find the list of materials in the information below the video.
I sketch the outline of the ferocious wolf.
Then the moon, and the rock.
And then I give light to the moon.
I use a brush to smudge the white.
I work on the clouds in the same fashion: With the pencil and then with the brush.
A luminosity of the sky will be produced by the blaze of the moon.
The parts of the wolf and rock that are facing the moon,
of course would be the lightest.
With the eraser I give shadow to some of the clouds.
It is ready! I would love to know from you wether you liked this drawing, or not.
If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE and subscribe to my channel!
You know where to follow me and where the links are.
I see you on Tuesday!
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How to Draw a Howling Wolf - How to Draw Night Clouds With Full Moon

427 Folder Collection
Tsao Rudy published on October 4, 2015
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