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You loved Hook. You think Pan looks kinda cool and you laughed your butt off in
NBC's live version. Peter Pan has found a mother.
Whoa yeah~
Now revisit this animated classic that will make you say "this is way creepier than I remembered "
Peter Pan. Prepare for the film about an immortal trickster who spies on you through your bedroom window
Sprinkles you with dust that makes you feel like you're flying then kidnaps you
to a war torn island where full-grown adults force orphan to join their ranks or die
it's like a magical Sudan. Leave your everyday worries behind as you travel to Neverland
and trade them in for more serious worries like being burned alive
Burn them at stake
Drowned by mermaids
We were only trying to drown her.
or having your throats slit by pirates and joined the lost boys
and all-male group of motherless fairy who live underneath the tree
that is clearly still used for hanging people.
Hangman's Tree.
This is a kid story right?
Wanna hear about the time I cut up hook's hand and threw it to the cracodile
see this magical realm through the eyes of the Darling children
three darling children who turn out okay even though they were raised by a dog
Get left home alone and live with this rageaholic who looks nothing like them
but they sure look a lot like Peter Pan and their mom definitely believes in it
Mrs. Darling believes the Peter Pan was the spirit of youth. Just say
opposing peter pan's fairy dictatorship is Captain James Hook. A man who given up pirating to focus all
his energy on murdering the tween and when he fails, takes out his infinite rage
on his life partners Smee or really just anyone.
Whoa! Did he just kill that guy?
but it's not all darkness, violence, and Oedipus complexes. You can be our mother.
I think I'll give you a kiss.
There's plenty of sexism to go around, too.
Get on with a girl.
a jealous female can be tricked into anything
Girls talk too much. Yes!
But who cares about sexism because Disney makes upward by including
lots of roles for native American.
Wow, I don't even remember that part.
Wow, that is really bad.
Okay, enough!
What makes the red fat rat?
Those red skins know this island?
Just switch to another Disney movie
Well I ain't gon' be no trouble.
Not that one.
we are siamese if you please
No don't show that. We'll show the different one.
The ashes know that, too.
Oh, that one so much worse.
Shanghai, Hong Kong 一副樣
These are all so much worse than I remember. Go to starring, go to starring.
Teen Mom
Buster Bluth
The Washington DC Football Team
Smee Zissou
And some little mermaids
Disney's Michael Jackson
so his name was hook before peter cut off his hand?
And I thought Scar was a convenient villain name.
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There once was a man from a foreign land. His name was Peter Pan
Unlike hey whats up. Hello!
A hero is nothing but a sandwich
The flesh! He's super strong and super naked.
You thought Jojo was your first, but it was me, DIO!
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Honest Trailers - Peter Pan (1953)

16365 Folder Collection
葉子維 published on October 5, 2015    葉子維 translated    Loïc reviewed
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