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  • l do not understand the energy women have after sex.

  • You're dancing around, you're baking a pie.

  • JOANNE: Charlie? Yes, ma'am?

  • Why is the CIA running a fake war in Afghanistan?

  • They're doing everything they can.

  • They're doing it badly.

  • The CIA is arming the mujahideen.

  • Where do you think they're getting their weapons?

  • They're arming them with 1 2.7 millimeter Dishukas

  • which would be good,

  • except the Soviets have specifically armor-plated their Hind helicopter

  • to resist a 1 2.7 millimeter shell.

  • We sold Pakistan F-16s,

  • but didn't give them the look-downlshoot-down radar.

  • J If this were a real war

  • State would issue a white paper outlining the Communist threat

  • the way they did in El Salvador.

  • J If this were a real war there'd be a National Bipartisan Commission

  • on Afghanistan, headed by Henry Kissinger the way they did in Central America.

  • lf this were a real war Congress would autho! rize $24 million

  • for covert operations the way you did in Nicaragua.

  • lf this were a real war...

  • You may be the sexiest woman ever.

  • l'm not kidding. You are Helen of Troy.

  • Are you patronizing me?

  • What do you want me to do, Joanne?

  • This is what l want you to do.

  • l want you to save Afghanistan for the Afghans.

  • l want you to deliver such a crushing defeat

  • to the Soviets that Communism crumbles,

  • and in so doing, end the Cold War.

  • l'll tell you, l'd do it, too,

  • but l got this Dairy Queen problem in Nacogdoches.

  • Don't underestimate me, Charlie. Believe everything you've heard.

  • What exactly do you want me to do?

  • Go to Pakistan and meet with Zia.

  • CHARLIE: Zia?

  • Mohammed Zia ul-Haq.

  • He's the President of Pakistan.

  • l've already arranged it.

  • You've arranged a meeting between me and the President of Pakistan?

  • Yes.

  • You're going to Israel next week

  • to meet with Zvi Rafiah about the Lavi jets.

  • l want you to tack Pakistan on the end of your trip.

  • And meet with the President?

  • Let him convince you that it's a Christian imperative

  • to let the Afghans rid their country of Communism.

  • Okay. It's not likely the President of Pakistan is a Christian,

  • but l'm gonna do this for you, Joanne,

  • 'cause you saved my ass once with the pro-lifers

  • and l owe you my seat in Congress and because you look very good naked.

  • But l have to tell you, l'm elected by Jews.

  • How many Jews do you have in your district?

  • Seven.

  • But congressmen aren't elected by voters,

  • they're elected by contributors,

  • and mine are in, well, New York, Florida, Hollywood,

  • because l'm one of Israel's guys on the Hill.

  • And l don't know how they're gonna feel

  • about me taking up the cause of Muslims.

  • Well, that's your problem.

  • Yes, it is.

  • Go fight this war and win it, Charlie.

  • Everything possible is on the line, including your manhood.

  • Oh, l was afraid you were gonna say that.


  • Well, l guess it ain't gonna be twice tonight.

  • Well, l guess somebody can't count.

  • Oh, darling, l was talking about me.

l do not understand the energy women have after sex.

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