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silence shared in words
Love Is Authentic Only When it Gives Freedom
Love is authentic only
when it gives freedom.
Let this be the criterion.
Love is
true only
when it does not interfere in the privacy of the other person.
It respects
his individuality,
his privacy.
But the lovers that you see around the world,
their whole effort is
that nothing should be private;
all secrets should be told to them.
They are afraid
of individuality;
they destroy each other's individuality,
and they hope
that by destroying each other,
their lives will become
a contentment, a fulfillment.
They simply become more and more miserable.
Be loving,
and remember: anything real
is always changing.
You have been given wrong notions
a true love
remains forever.
A true rose flower does not remain forever.
A living being himself
has to die one day.
Existence is
a constant change.
But the notion,
the idea
that love should be permanent if it is true...
and if love disappears one day,
then the natural corollary is that it was not true.
I want you to know;
love came suddenly;
it was not because of any effort on your part.
It came as a gift of nature.
At that time you would not have accepted it
if you had been worried
about its going suddenly one day.
The way it comes, it goes.
But there is no need to be worried,
because if one flower has faded,
other flowers will be coming.
Flowers are
going to come
but don't cling
to one flower.
Otherwise soon you will be clinging to a dead flower,
and that's what
the reality is:
people are clinging
to a dead love
that once was alive.
Now it is only a memory
and a pain
and you are stuck
because of respectability,
because of law.
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OSHO: Love Is Authentic Only When It Gives Freedom

1624 Folder Collection
trailylee published on September 30, 2015
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