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  • What's on your mind? That broken leg.

  • The guy had a broken leg. What are you talking about?

  • Talking about Dietrichson. He had accident insurance, didn't he?

  • Yeah. Then he broke his leg, didn't he?

  • So what? And he didn't put in a claim.

  • Why didn't he put in a claim? Why? What are you driving at?

  • Walter, I had dinner two hours ago and it stuck half way.

  • That little man of yours is acting up again, huh?

  • There's something wrong with the Dietrichson case.

  • Why? Because he didn't file a claim? Maybe he just didn't have time.

  • Maybe he just didn't know that he was insured.

  • No. No, that couldn't be it.

  • You delivered the policy to him personally, didn't you?

  • Yeah. You got his check?

  • Sure I did.

  • Got any bicarbonate of soda? No, I haven't.

  • Walter, I've been living with this little man for 26 years.

  • And he's never failed me yet. There's got to be something wrong.

  • Well, maybe Norton was right. Maybe it was suicide.

  • No. Not suicide.

  • But not an accident, either. What else?

  • Now look, Walter.

  • A guy takes out an accident policy that's worth $100,000...

  • if he's killed on a train.

  • Then two weeks later, he is killed on a train.

  • And not in a train accident, mind you, but falling off some silly observation car.

  • Do you know what the mathematical probability of that is?

  • One out of I don't know how many billions.

  • And add to that the broken leg. No, it just can't be the way it looks.

  • Something has been worked on us. Such as what?

  • Murder?

  • Don't you have any peppermint or something?

  • Sorry. Want a little soda water? No, no, no.

  • (Walter) Who do you suspect?

  • (Keyes) Maybe I like to make things easy for myself.

  • But I always tend to suspect the beneficiary.

  • You mean the wife? Yeah.

  • That wide-eyed dame that just didn't know anything about anything.

  • You're crazy, Keyes. She wasn't even on the train.

  • I know she wasn't, Walter.

  • I don't claim to know how it was worked, or who worked it...

  • but all I know is that it was worked.

  • I've got to get to a drugstore.

  • This thing feels like a hunk of concrete inside me.

  • Good night, Walter. Good night, Keyes.

  • See you at the office in the morning. Yeah.

  • I'd like to move in on her right now, tonight.

  • If it wasn't for Norton and his striped-pants ideas about company policy...

  • I'd have the police after her so fast it'd make her head spin.

  • They'd put her through the wringer...

  • and, brother, the things they would squeeze out.

  • Only you haven't got a single thing to go on, Keyes.

  • Not too much. Just 26 years experience...

  • all the percentage there is, and this hunk of concrete in my stomach.

  • Can I have one of those things?

  • Good night, Keyes. So long, Walter.

What's on your mind? That broken leg.

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Double Indemnity (5/9) Movie CLIP - Keyes Smells a Murder (1944) HD

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