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  • Curiosity is one of humankind’s most beautiful traits.

  • We want to know as much as possible about the world around us,

  • but to satisfy our need to know about the world

  • around us, our eyes just aren’t good enough anymore.

  • With the power of engineering, we have been able to take a look at worlds

  • hidden inside and outside the narrow range of our human senses.

  • We can take a look at the smallest lifeforms, our own cells, and even

  • molecules using electron microscopes.

  • Complex machines that make invisible things visible,

  • so we can discover worlds inside of worlds inside of worlds inside of worlds.

  • Discoveries of the nanolevel have changed how we perceive

  • the universe around us forever, and led to countless discoveries.

  • On the other hand, just a few centuries ago engineers developed powerful

  • tools of science that gave us the ability to look deep into space

  • and spot countless wonders of the universe.

  • Later came spacecraft and satellites.

  • The Hubble telescope was one of these wonders of technology.

  • Without it, we would never have known that our galaxy is one of billions in

  • an enormous universe, and even better telescopes are being built right now.

  • Theyll be able to show us worlds far, far away in much greater detail.

  • So, there is still much left to discover.

  • The universe is vast, and we have so much more to learn.

  • And with the power of engineering and our curiosity, who knows what

  • well be able to discover in the future.

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Curiosity is one of humankind’s most beautiful traits.

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