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- [Voiceover] One, two, three.
Perfect! (laughs) -Men Try Women's Swimwear
- Women's swimwear is uncomfortable.
- All right, to be honest, I, I am a little self-conscious.
- I know there is a one-piece,
and I know there is a bikini.
- That's it?
I mean, how many swimsuits could there be? -Bikini
- Oh, man.
I feel like 20 pounds of (beep) in a 10-pound bag.
- Oh no! It's even worse than I imagined.
- Would it be good if I cried during this?
- To give a booty view, here's what's going on down there.
- My balls are spilling out the front.
- My whole butt cheek is out.
But I dig it.
- This has just got too much going on.
I'm more of a like simple kind of guy. -Monokini
- It looks so much better on the model than,
ooh, nip slip.
- You can see my nipple.
- This looks like some shitty abstract painting.
- I look like I'm like the bad guy
from some kind of bondage-torture porn.
- I've never had my nipples covered like this before.
- My ass is hanging out.
- This is, this is the butt coverage. (OMG)
Just so you can see.
- It's all, it's in the worst place of my body.
- My dick is just like chilling right there,
for people to see.
- Not even a percentage of my dick is out;
the entire dick is out.
- No one likes side dick.
That's not a thing.
Who the (beep) would ever want to see side dick?
I don't want to see a side dick.
- If you saw me running down a beach,
you would be terrified.
- You should never feel like you have to wear this, ever. -One-Piece
- I feel like I just popped out of a birthday cake.
- Oh my God, this is...
- [Voiceover] I think you look hot!
- You think I look hot?
- I'm never going to look at myself the same.
- I feel a little better about this one.
- I like the color.
- It's like kind of slimming.
- A little more comfortable.
I imagine if you had boobs, it wouldn't look as strange.
- It makes my butt look good.
- This feels like an old bathing suit,
like this feels old-school, this feel vintage.
- I feel like there's something very sexy about the tie,
where I just naturally want to do that and like,
let the girls breathe. -Tankini
- Even though this has the most fabric,
and even though it's the least revealing,
I feel the sexiest.
- My dick's not out to play,
my ass is like, nice and covered.
I mean, there is the threat of my nipple popping out,
but I mean, you gotta give something up, right.
- The bottoms are so comfortable.
I feel really good, I feel like I can do anything.
- This is definitely like a mom outfit.
- I couldn't get anything done in those other,
I woulda had to be tit checking 24 hours a day
in those other bathing suits.
- Not surprising to be that it's the one I like the best. -Final Thoughts
- I was kind of shocked at
how difficult they were to put on, to keep on,
to wear, to move in.
- I think guys are more geared towards comfort,
whereas girls are more geared towards
showing off your assets.
- I think women should wear whatever they feel good in.
- It takes a lot of courage just to wear a bathing suit.
To all my haters (kiss).
- (beep) I hate this so much!
- [Voiceover] You're having a nip slip.
- Whatever, you get half a nip. It's fine.
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Men Try Women's Swimwear

8405 Folder Collection
Steven published on September 28, 2015    Steven translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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