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- This should be a weapon in the Hunger Games arena.
(electronic music) People try strange toothpaste flavors.
We had our co-workers try 4 weird toothpastes over 4 days...
...and had others judge their breath freshness
Flavor #1- Eggplant Orgin:Japan
- I like that it has an eggplant emoji on the front.
Or maybe I don't.
- It looks almost the same color as my nail.
(makes disgusted sounds)
- I think you just gave me paint.
I don't think this is a real toothpaste.
- Alright I'm done, alright.
This is it?
- Taylor would you please smell my breath?
- Sure.
- It seriously smells like nothing.
- I'm actually getting minty smells.
- How !?
(electronic music) Flavor #2 - Bacon Origin: USA
- I am terrified.
- I'm not like as much of an enthusiast
as most of the people on the internet.
But I like bacon, don't get me wrong, I like bacon.
- It is a breakfast food though, so I guess it works
in the morning.
- It does smell a lot like bacon.
- It smells like a dog who just ate Beggin' Strips
and puked it up all over the floor.
So I'm pretty excited to put it in my mouth right now.
(brushing sounds)
- Nope.
- This is not messing around, it actually tastes like bacon.
- There aren't really words to describe this.
- I've already brushed twice, I wanna keep brushing more
because it's enjoyable.
- Give it to me, let's go.
- Okay.
- Oh!
- Christmas sausage.
- It's bacon.
- Uh, that's gross.
(electronic music) Flavor #3 - Jasmine Mint Origin: Italy
- Oh my God, jasmine mint, that sounds like a toothpaste
flavor, unlike eggplant or bacon.
- Can we just take a moment to appreciate this packaging?
- It makes me feel like this is what they used in the
olden days.
I don't think that's accurate but, you know.
- It's like...
there's a flower on my toothbrush.
- This is a toothpaste you could take home to Mom.
- This is the only one that rivals normal toothpaste
in the way that it tastes.
- When you're done with this could I have this?
Because this is really great.
- Um...
- Well first of all, your breath is bad.
- That's actually like enjoyable.
- It totally smells like jasmine tea.
- I'd make out with somebody who used this.
(electronic music) Flavor #4 - Indo Curry Origin: Japan
- I'm kind of nervous about this.
- It smells like curry, I don't know why you would ever
wanna brush your teeth to smell like curry.
(brushing sounds)
- Help.
- (laughing) It's really bad.
- There's like a refreshing-ness
that's surprising to the curry.
- Just the way he's smacking his lips is scaring
the heck out of me.
- That does not smell like curry.
- That's gnarly.
- That was a really strange experiment that I just
participated in.
- The best part about this week was that I got to
brush my teeth after lunch.
I get you Brazilians.
- It's hard to pick which one is the absolute worst,
'cause they're all bad.
- I don't care if Target has a deal on any of these,
I'm never buying them, I'm not buying two for one,
or ten for seven, no.
- Yeah, I'll stick to the regular toothpaste.
I like feeling so fresh and so clean.
- Sure, why not?
- Are you gonna keep asking us whether we'd make our together? -Do you just want us to make out?
(piano note)
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People Try Strange Toothpaste Flavors

7901 Folder Collection
Steven published on October 31, 2015    Steven translated    謝外八 reviewed
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