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Broadway: Swoop?
Swoop: Yes?
Broadway: Here's the spin dribble.
Swoop: Broadway.
Broadway: One of your favorites, baby.
Swoop: I like the spin dribble.
Broadway: This is a dribble that you use to protect the basketball.
Swoop: Right.
Broadway: Now, you want to make sure you get that defender right three up on you.
Swoop: Right:
Broadway: And when he goes for the steal, use your arm to protect you.
Swoop: Right.
Broadway: And you pin away the opposite way of the defense.
Swoop: Nice. Nice. I like that.
Broadway: It's called the spin dribble.
Swoop: I like the spin dribble.
Broadway: Or the reverse dribble.
Swoop: Yes.
Broadway: Roadrunner's obviously going to demonstrate, unless you want to do so.
Swoop: No, no, no, no, no. You can definitely demonstrate, because you are the expert.
Broadway: Yeah. So this is the Roadrunner. He's got the ball. Head up. Defense comes
to attack him. He spins, dribbles. Meanwhile, always keeping his head up the court. Now,
he can go the opposite way. Spin dribble. Now, you can even do this dribble on the move.
When you're coming right at the defense, he reaches for it, spin at you. That's quick.
You see that?
Swoop: Hey, Broadway?
Broadway: What's up?
Swoop: One side master tip here.
Broadway: Yeah.
Swoop: Right. This is from my master collection.
Broadway: Yeah, okay.
Swoop: Now, when you're coming, you're attacking a spin dribble, what part of the body do you
want to attack there, Broadway?
Broadway: You want to attack the front leg.
Swoop: The front leg. Alright. So he's coming at me. Tip. Message. Attack the front leg.
Boom, and spin around, alright, using the feet against the defender.
Broadway: There you go. You want to attack that front foot. Spin right off of him. Bam.
And go the opposite way. Now, you want to make sure, again, you're keeping your head
Swoop: Head up.
Broadway: You want to protect that ball.
Swoop: Protect it.
Broadway: And here's what you want to do.
Swoop: What?
Broadway: When that guy goes to reach for the ball, you can protect the ball by using
your hands.
Swoop: Hand.
Broadway: And your leg. So you're here.
Swoop: Boom.
Broadway: Here. And you spin across. As soon as he reaches, give him a little chop. Let
him know you're there. Spin away, and then you come in right there.
Swoop: Nice. I like that one.
Broadway: That's a spin dribble.
Swoop: I like that one.
Broadway: Displayed by the Roadrunner.
Swoop: I like that one. I like that. That's a good one. High five.
Broadway: Chest bump. Air. Alright.
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How to Do Spin Moves | Basketball

507 Folder Collection
gg published on September 27, 2015
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