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  • Broadway: Swoop?

  • Swoop: Yes?

  • Broadway: Here's the spin dribble.

  • Swoop: Broadway.

  • Broadway: One of your favorites, baby.

  • Swoop: I like the spin dribble.

  • Broadway: This is a dribble that you use to protect the basketball.

  • Swoop: Right.

  • Broadway: Now, you want to make sure you get that defender right three up on you.

  • Swoop: Right:

  • Broadway: And when he goes for the steal, use your arm to protect you.

  • Swoop: Right.

  • Broadway: And you pin away the opposite way of the defense.

  • Swoop: Nice. Nice. I like that.

  • Broadway: It's called the spin dribble.

  • Swoop: I like the spin dribble.

  • Broadway: Or the reverse dribble.

  • Swoop: Yes.

  • Broadway: Roadrunner's obviously going to demonstrate, unless you want to do so.

  • Swoop: No, no, no, no, no. You can definitely demonstrate, because you are the expert.

  • Broadway: Yeah. So this is the Roadrunner. He's got the ball. Head up. Defense comes

  • to attack him. He spins, dribbles. Meanwhile, always keeping his head up the court. Now,

  • he can go the opposite way. Spin dribble. Now, you can even do this dribble on the move.

  • When you're coming right at the defense, he reaches for it, spin at you. That's quick.

  • You see that?

  • Swoop: Hey, Broadway?

  • Broadway: What's up?

  • Swoop: One side master tip here.

  • Broadway: Yeah.

  • Swoop: Right. This is from my master collection.

  • Broadway: Yeah, okay.

  • Swoop: Now, when you're coming, you're attacking a spin dribble, what part of the body do you

  • want to attack there, Broadway?

  • Broadway: You want to attack the front leg.

  • Swoop: The front leg. Alright. So he's coming at me. Tip. Message. Attack the front leg.

  • Boom, and spin around, alright, using the feet against the defender.

  • Broadway: There you go. You want to attack that front foot. Spin right off of him. Bam.

  • And go the opposite way. Now, you want to make sure, again, you're keeping your head

  • up.

  • Swoop: Head up.

  • Broadway: You want to protect that ball.

  • Swoop: Protect it.

  • Broadway: And here's what you want to do.

  • Swoop: What?

  • Broadway: When that guy goes to reach for the ball, you can protect the ball by using

  • your hands.

  • Swoop: Hand.

  • Broadway: And your leg. So you're here.

  • Swoop: Boom.

  • Broadway: Here. And you spin across. As soon as he reaches, give him a little chop. Let

  • him know you're there. Spin away, and then you come in right there.

  • Swoop: Nice. I like that one.

  • Broadway: That's a spin dribble.

  • Swoop: I like that one.

  • Broadway: Displayed by the Roadrunner.

  • Swoop: I like that one. I like that. That's a good one. High five.

  • Broadway: Chest bump. Air. Alright.

Broadway: Swoop?

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