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  • Mom, are you ready to be his friend?

  • Yes

  • Try not to be that...that high up to be firends.

  • I want everything to be low, okay?

  • Okay

  • Just try your best.

  • I don't want you and my dad to be replaced and me again.

  • I want you and my dad to be placed, and settled, and be friends.

  • I'm not trying to be mean.

  • I just want everyone to be friends.

  • And if I can be nice, I think all of us can be nice, too.

  • I'm not trying to be mean, but...

  • I'm trying to do my best in my heart.

  • Nothing else in that

  • I want you mom, my dad, everyone to be friends.

  • I want everyone to be smiling.

  • No one be mad. I want everything smile.

  • Especially when I see someone, I want gain his smile.

  • Especially nana, everyone. I want everyone to smile.

  • If that for my dad and you mom,

  • I think you can do it!

  • I think you can settle your... your mean...height down a little to short height. Then it's both, okay?

  • I'm not trying to be mean. I'm not trying to a bully.

  • I'm trying to be steady on the floor, not way down, aren't straight on the middle with my heartiness.

  • My heart is something.

  • Everyone else's heart is something, too.

  • And if we live in a world where everyone is being mean.

  • Everyone will be a monster in the future.

  • What if...there is a very beautiful person and...we will eat them.

  • then... no one will ever be here, only the monster in our place.

  • We need everyone to be a person.

  • Everyone including me and my mom. Everyone!

  • I just want everything to be settled down.

  • Nothing else. I just want everything to be good as possible.

  • Nothing else.

  • Thank you Tiana.

  • Come and give mommy do doo

  • I love you. I love you, too.

Mom, are you ready to be his friend?

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A2 US mom settled monster height nana bully

A 6 year old girl give her mom a wake up calls a lesson of life

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