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  • Kid President: There are lots of ideas how you can change the world.

  • Some people think you should just complain about it. That won't change the world, it will just make it mad!

  • Some people think you have to have lots of money money. Making it rain everywhere you go!

  • Holla for a dollar! Some people think you have to be really loud and yell a lot.

  • It's like with a bullhorn shouting, "Hey you! Yeah, you! Do it my way, right now!"

  • Other people choose to just make fun of everything. That's dumb, that's dumb, everyone's dumb.

  • It's easier to make fun of stuff, but it's cooler to make stuff!

  • Some people think changing the world can only be done by the smartest person in the world.

  • Just put them in a room and let them figure it out! "The solution to world hunger? Food."

  • Wow, that was like, so amazing.

  • Some people see all the bad in the world and they just decide to ignore it, but that won't help anything.

  • Some people think you have to be really famous and super cool. In fact, lots of people think you have to be really powerful to make a difference.

  • Like being mayor or senator or president.

  • But the truth is, a title doesn't make you more important, the world is changed by you!

  • It's one person filled with love. And they just have to live it out so they do something awesome!

  • Then that person is filled with love and they do something awesome. It just goes on, and on, and on!

  • And next thing you know everything's awesome!

  • Some people think it's impossible to change the world. Well you can see why they could think that.

  • Living in a world with kids who are hungry, people who are homeless, families who aren't happy, I'm just trying to figure it out like everybody else man. I do know this though.

  • Next time you feel overwhelmed or totally alone, remember this, things don't have to be the way they are.

  • The world is changed by ordinary people. Little people living out big love!

  • And that's what gives the world a reason to dance!

  • So, how do we change the world?

  • At the start of this year, I asked all you guys to make the year more awesome! The time to be awesome is now!

  • Make this year awesome for somebody else! Whether it's helping the homeless with Socktober, throwing a parade for somebody, or giving an inspired gift!

  • You can see my holiday gift guide by clicking here.

  • You helped prove that the internet can be an awesome place! Thank you, but we're not done yet.

  • This coming year, let's show the world what awesome really looks like.

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  • Oh man! I mean this little desk has been through a lot.

  • I need new tape! Is that good? Love changes everything, so fill the world with it.

Kid President: There are lots of ideas how you can change the world.

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