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  • Today we are gonna try this!

  • How is it?

  • It’s pretty good

  • Yeah, but technically you are not supposed to eat the skin

  • Technically, I’m not supposed to do a lot of things

  • That’s not grapefruit cuz grapefruits suck

  • Just don’t eat the skin though

  • No?

  • Why?

  • It's bitter

  • It’s bitter? Can I try though?

  • What are other Taiwanese fruits have you tried?

  • Oh many!

  • Yeah, the

  • There’s one dumplings

  • With the soup inside

  • Youre right about the skin, but it does taste like a cross betweenorange & grapefruit

  • What’s the English name for this fruit?

  • pomelo

  • Have you ever had one of those in the States?

  • I’ve seen them before, but I never tried one

  • Wanna travel the world and see it all

  • Life’s too short to stay in one place

  • I don’t like this

  • It’s not sweet

  • I think it’s like an orange, but orange is more delicious

  • In Korea, there is no fruit like this

  • How do you say this in Korean?

  • Mid-Autumn Festival is zhong qiu jie

  • In Korea, this is imported thing

  • Because Korean can not grow this kind of fruit

  • Do you think it’s sweeter than grapefruits?

  • Yean, yeah, yeah! Definitely yeah

  • Like the smell is the same

  • The first taste is the same

  • But

  • Don’t have the second bitter taste

  • Do you have any similar fruit in France?

  • No

  • I think I would be easier with a spoon or a fork

  • Like fork, fork, fork, fork, fork, fork, fork

  • What else do you wanna see us try next? comment below & subscribe

Today we are gonna try this!

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Epic Pomelo Challenge in Taiwan

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    陳怡平 posted on 2015/09/22
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