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Today we are gonna try this!
How is it?
It’s pretty good
Yeah, but technically you are not supposed to eat the skin
Technically, I’m not supposed to do a lot of things
That’s not grapefruit cuz grapefruits suck
Just don’t eat the skin though
It's bitter
It’s bitter? Can I try though?
What are other Taiwanese fruits have you tried?
Oh many!
Yeah, the
There’s one dumplings
With the soup inside
You’re right about the skin, but it does taste like a cross between “ orange & grapefruit ”
What’s the English name for this fruit?
Have you ever had one of those in the States?
I’ve seen them before, but I never tried one
Wanna travel the world and see it all
Life’s too short to stay in one place
I don’t like this
It’s not sweet
I think it’s like an orange, but orange is more delicious
In Korea, there is no fruit like this
How do you say this in Korean?
Mid-Autumn Festival is zhong qiu jie
In Korea, this is imported thing
Because Korean can not grow this kind of fruit
Do you think it’s sweeter than grapefruits?
Yean, yeah, yeah! Definitely yeah
Like the smell is the same
The first taste is the same
Don’t have the second bitter taste
Do you have any similar fruit in France?
I think I would be easier with a spoon or a fork
Like fork, fork, fork, fork, fork, fork, fork
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Epic Pomelo Challenge in Taiwan

7004 Folder Collection
陳怡平 published on September 22, 2015    陳怡平 translated    葉子維 reviewed
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