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The Script! Yay!
Woo woo woo lads. Did you ever think that you would have sold 20 million records?
No, I think it dumbfounds us every day that the success - from our meagre beginnings to
where we are today. I mean, I remember us having 20 CDs to give away at our very first
show, and we didn't even sell them. We just gave them away.
We were left with 19.
I think we were left with 19. Yeah, they all got returned. It's just been fantastic, you
know, and again for all those people who invested in us, we're back. We're back with a new album,
and just to show that we're in this for the right reasons. We absolutely love music, and
we're back with No Sound Without Silence, and the first single is Superheroes off that as well.
Really super positive song because we're feeling great right now.
And by the way, the single. I'm not just saying it. It is ridiculous. You've absolutely nailed it.
Thank you.
In fact, I wanted to sing you a little bit of a song.
Go on. Go for it.
Every day, every hour Turn the pain into power
Well, I want you on my team.
I mean, that is... Is that kind of because your surname's Power? Is that a bit of a punny?
Or is it just like
It is me.
Irish Power, yes.
Power is the pain. He has a tattoo of them. They met me, and his name is Power. You know
what I'm saying? So we had to put it in the song.
Glen Power!
Yeah-ha! Superpower.
Yeah yeah.
So the super thing, the superpower thing, is because you went on stage and you realised
that you had lots of power?
No no. I think it's we get to meet an awful lot of fans, an awful lot of people up the
road. We're one of those bands that we are a lifestyle band, which is quite different
to an awful lot of bands out there. People turn to The Script music because they may
be going through a break up that's usually when you find us, or like in Hall of Fame when you
want some motivation. It's nice to have an escape, but it's also nice to have a song
that empowers them a little bit, and for us it's the average people doing extraordinary
things that are our superheroes. I guess the song was just a tip of the hat of us creating that
energy coming off stage, but also wanting to say to people, you know, if someone's going
to knock you down, knock you down, knock you down every time. You're just going to get
stronger if you can stick through it.
Okay, so going cliché. Superheroes. If we could take two and blend them into one to
make some mega-heroes super thing.
I'm blending Catwoman with Wonder Woman to make some kind of Wonder Cat. Yeah.
Oh, I'm just thinking this.
I'm thinking this as well, yeah.
With Wonder Woman, you take the bra off, you wonder where they've gone.
It's Wonderbras. It's Wonderbras. Isn't it that you take them off, you wonder where they've
gone? Isn't that what a Wonderbra is?
I've got to touch on it. It's probably really boring, but The Voice. Is it a little bit
like watching your ex-girlfriend with a brand new boyfriend on TV?
Only the boyfriend's uglier than the last one, so... Yeah, I know what you're saying.
Do you know what I mean? With Ricky all sitting in your chair.
Like I said there was uglier than the last one.
Not at all. I genuinely am really... I enjoyed it this season as well. I enjoyed getting
Saturday nights back in fairness. Do you know what I mean? They did a great job on the show,
and oh what a move for Will as well winning this year. Totally. I texted him straight
after literally as it was going on.
You only won because I wasn't there.
It's exactly what I said.
That's the way the text went.
I've met Will before, and he's just a little bit woah. He's kind of a little bit like a robot.
Does he text like a robot as well?
No. Well kinda yeah. He's very short with them, so they'll be like one word answers.
Thanks, smiley face. Or you don't get that. You just get a smiley face. If I went through all the texts
I have with Will, probably about half of them would just be smiley face.
I wonder if you add them all together, would you get a whole email out of them?
A sentence.
You'd get a full sentence.
It'd be quite cool to put that together.
But congratulations as well because he's number on this week. Smashing it.
It's my birthday.
Smashing it.
With America by the way, you're absolutely killing it. You must have got some cool selfies
along the way. Can we have like a favourite selfie?
Favourite selfie. Jennifer Aniston I got one.
That was cool.
Paul McCartney was amazing.
She looks lovely in person too because some don't. She looks really good.
She is lovely in person.
Can you tell me who didn't look so nice, or is that really mean?
That would be mean if I did that.
It'd be honest.
No, we can't really.
Who didn't look so nice?
You don't have to think that hard about it.
Or do you know of someone off the top of your head or something?
I know exactly. I remember when and all.
Go on you may as well tell her, break the news first.
Ah yeah, don't say that, she will definitely see this.
Don't say that.
OK, don't say that.
I want to get a selfie with Obama. That's what I want. That'd be awesome. Or the Pope.
I bet he's probably got one of those long poles he carries around with him.
Yeah, just to get the distance yeah.
It's so like the Pope, the Queen or Obama. Just one you'd never ever expect. Like me
and the Queen. Selfie!
Has the Pope done a selfie? I wonder, has he?
No, but I saw the Dalai Lama do one the other day. It looked awesome.
He did. He did a selfie the other day with somebody in the audience. It was wicked looking.
Cool, and guys, we touched on it a bit earlier. Come on. Give me your best accent, your London
accent. I want to make you look good. Come on.
What a geezer.
Where are you going, love?
Why is it that everyone turns into Oliver Twist when they do this?
Because you have to do it. it's the only one we know.
You start to sound like your man from Mary Poppins. What's his name?
Dick Van Dyke.
Dick Van Dyke, yeah.
Mary Poppins!
Give me your best Irish.
So anyway, I was just really tired right now, and I really want to go into bed and have
an Irish coffee.
That sounded American.
Not quite sure why I turned into a stretch armstrong right there.
Say potato once even in that, and it might sound Irish.
Why did your tuck your chin in like? I want to know why this happened. You have more chins
than a Chinese phonebook. No you did when you did that. You look lovely, and then you
did that.
She actually sounded American.
Well you know, it's kinda similar.
Well thanks so much guys. You're going to be brilliant and love the new single.
Thank you so much.
High five Script!
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The Script interview: New music, selfies and their best London accents

872 Folder Collection
陳嘉鴻 published on September 22, 2015
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