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As a new day dawns on summoner's rift,
we join our champions on the eve of battle,
a rare opportunity to see their final preparations.
I'm gonna make your booty...fruity!
Gems, gems, gems, gems, gems...
bang, bang, bang, bang-bang-bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Bang ,bang, bang!
Bang, bang, bang.
I'm gonna tower-dive!
Oho, no you're not!
No, I'm not...
Oh! Here I come!
Hey guys, look!
I found a new purse...and it's...
No seriously, what is it?
I am Darius,
the hand of Noxus
and the leader of the most powerful army in Valoran!
And I'm actually a pretty nice guy.
When you get to know me?
I have a bit of a bad reputation.
It appears the rumors of how I obtained my post
have spread a bit.
Oh, I assure you,
they're just rumors...
I'm sorry, sir, but do you mind pointing the camera
at me while I'm talking?
It seems a little...
considering I've agreed to lend you my time!
Ohh, I'm gonna need bigger oranges!
Shiver me timbers!
You gotta save me!
I'm too precious!
What can I do?
Hide me, hide me!
I'm afraid it's more my brother than I
that you need to fear coming after you in a dark alley.
He truly does revel in his slaughter.
Kill him!
No, no, kill him! He's the real one!
Uh, look!
Eh, here's a rabbit!
No, take my rabbit!
Oho, I don't want to die!
Ooh, quick! Kill him! He says he wants to die!
What? No, no, I didn't say that...
But, all-in-all, I've been told I'm quite the gentlemen.
Why I...
what are you doing with that camera?
You put that back on me right this instant or I'll
show you what your intestines look like!
You limp-wristed Demacian!
Do you think he saw us?
we're okay.
Aww shit...
CC by Gerry (TBM)
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Legendville - Meet Darius ☠

2185 Folder Collection
許珈胤 published on September 22, 2015
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