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  • You got a favourite part of the man?

  • Favourite part of a man? Oh my god, their ability to take out the rubbish, I love that

  • part! Love it!

  • -That was such a good answer! I love it! -Thank you very much!

  • At the moment, you're just like such an amazing feminine figure for girls and people

  • -Thank you! -But you must get so many tweets

  • So many people writing to you, does that feel quite nice?

  • It does, it really does's just so lovely to have an opportunity to play someone

  • who can make young girls feel a bit more confident, and a bit more badass, and a bit more like

  • they can stand up and be counted.

  • I love that, it's like girl power but 2015, Spice Girls on the next level!

  • Exactly!

  • We must talk about films with you and things like that. Terminator for instances?

  • -Yeah! -Can we talk? What can you tell me!

  • My god, Arnold Scwarzenegger happened! He tried to get me to the gym, I said no.

  • How did you say no though, you must of done an impression of him at some point?

  • "I'm gonna go to gym, I said 'No, no!'"

  • Were you tempted to be like "Hey!"

  • -Do impressions of him to him? -I think I would! What did he say back to you?

  • He didn't find it funny. Sad! Just didn't find it funny at all!

  • Were there any surreal moments with the man himself?

  • Oh yeah, just too many. Too many. The press is always mental. The press is always interesting,

  • we had some fun times with the press.

  • Did you get on the back of the Boris bike with him?

  • No, there's no biking. Again, no gym, no biking! No areas where I could actually hurt myself!

  • -Did you get a selfie with the man though? -I did! I did!

  • And I had to really ask him as well, so funny. I was like "Arnie, I know we did a movie together

  • but can i get a selfie?"

  • You've got the best roles ever, right? I mean, this is incredible. Did you ever dream that

  • you'd be an actress on this scale?

  • No! No, no, no. I dreamt of being an actress but I just thought I'd be like one that hopefully had work.

  • Oh I love it! And what's your piece of advice you'd give girls? As a in your position, would

  • you give them any advice?

  • I would, I would to yeah...Not look too hard at magazines but just feel confident at what you've got.

You got a favourite part of the man?

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