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dad from america's next top model seasoning eight act is featured on the
latest episode of doctor for and the reason why she's on theirs because she's
been battling a severe drug addiction and her family thought it would be a
good idea to do an intervention
let's take a look
america's next top helms falwell methods in test intervention
through the drugs generator crew on and we do have saved
this unpredictable
this open the door vivid in order deal
from running through the paramount locked the same sent minute by minute
first-time ten years came out in the parties
this sunday
that video that bothered me like the over dramatization of it that dr phil
telling her like getting down and saying
is the first time in ten years i've come out to speak to one of my guess
but who
deal who cares likewise i think the only this one and has a serious method
her family is worried about her and me
first picture is not going to want coming years difference is that
by its five okay
this is a great and for don't do math
and you know we don't miss pictures before and sometimes a matter of just
two years sometimes even quicker
me sometimes it did
teeth or ronnie out
man i can't believe people take that risk
how quickly sees it to do math when you might wind up like that
so in some ways the fact that it's highlighting that
makes me think that tv show the some good
on the other hand the way they make emotional poured out of it just bothers
me and my cup like all my god what's gonna happen to love the music and hurt
putting your hand on the camera obviously there taking advantage of it
to a certain degree for ratings
it's it's it's a tough balance of the women say like
don't do it then that doesn't happen then that doesn't show you of the
problems that people have been and then people who maybe don't
see they enormous issues again i would math
as clearly as they do when they see someone like that that's out of control
that everybody thinks they're different
there were factor that way
yet handout lighting a lot of people still might affect right once and it did
get to it but it's a highly addictive drug
and you-know-what the thing that bothered me the most about that was just
transparent dr phil was
making it sold over tom dramatized i i hate the most important and i hate the
fact that we exploit people they're going to real problems
and it's not
thing and it i've felt like this was going to help her i would be fight that
but i don't see this as helping her
i see this is exploiting and and making this public and making everyone
get involved in your personal life in your personal struggle like that's not
gonna help you overcome the strategies
and here's what's gonna happen the minute that shows over
sit down with their own lest they want to do another ratings first they want to
bring her back and see what kind of situation she's in
it's obvious every knows that they're not
in the business of carryover
and on the other hand maybe they felt they couldn't do it without the poll of
doctor filemaker and get a bill listen et-cetera so i don't think it's an
absolutely clear-cut
situation but
it those shows are not for me those daytime shows
that live and breathe this stuff really bother me my god right now and i hate
watching themselves
but obviously some people want
now that was another model that was competing with her and that season of
america's next top model her name is carried the english and she wanted time
in on this situation
cochran originally written about it and carried english commented on this story
and she said the following about america's next top model and tyra banks
she kinda faults them for a little bit
she says they should be value waiting for a lot more before letting her on the
show no all they saw was a personality good for television well this hopefully
will save
at least for life and someone watching everything happens for a reason
she continues to write isle of love what i have made it for myself since my win
it but mentally it's horrific and any girl who has been on a_t_ and t_ n_ him
back me up no one wants to take a serious as models the fashion industry
had no idea how to market s
all crimea river
know that i don't buy it
at all right
sajeev that tv show job to make sure the
city is for everybody super mentally fit let's go through psychiatric exams
because this shows so stressful but that's a stressor put money assault on
your volunteering for it
and you get it
total publicity would never gotten otherwise them by the way i've got news
for you here on the show they probably were going to use this as a model anyway
so one-time fifty
sue uh...
competitors in that show throughout all of the season so it's a little
unrealistic to expect tyra banks select
follow-up with you and make sure you're okay
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America's Next Top Model Now Meth Addict

901 Folder Collection
余雨瑜 published on September 20, 2015
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