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Commander Mouse, you are clear for re-entry.
Roger. See you back on Earth.
Initiating landing protocol in T-minus three minutes.
Autopilot, engaged.
(Pluto whimpering)
(whimpering and barking)
You need to go outside?
Oh no, buddy. Now's not the time.
Well, just use the Space John.
(loud scary noises)
Or not.
We'll do it. But you have to make it quick.
(muffled yapping)
Whoa, boy!
We don't want to get caught in that gravity well.
(speeding traffic)
(traffic light dinging)
(brakes screeching)
Excuse us.
(traffic noises)
(traffic light ding)
(speeding traffic)
(gasping in awe)
(angelic music)
Oh! Right. Hehehe.
(Pluto peeing)
Hey! Get that dog off my lawn!
Wha... Hehe. Sorry. C'mon, Pluto.
Pluto? Pluto!
You called?
Uh-huh. My dog, Pluto.
Pluto, where are you?
Pluto? Out of the trash, boy!
We're running out of time.
Aha! Here, boy, fetch!
Arf! (growls)
Haha. Here's your treat!
Now, back to the ship.
(Chip and Dale yelling indistinctly)
Oh no, Pluto, stay!
(disc powering up)
Ah! Ooh! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Ah!
(heart beating)
Re-entry sequence engaging in 15, 14.
(gasps) Oh no! We'll never make it back now!
We'll be lost in space forever!
(Pluto howling)
(Mickey crying)
Hmm. It's our only hope.
Here, boy.
Ten, nine, eight.
Seven, six, five.
Four, three, two, one.
(cameras clicking)
Welcome back, Commander Mouse.
After such a long space mission, you must be relieved.
(anxious) Haha. Uh, not yet. But I will be!
(toilet flushing)
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Space Walkies | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

28352 Folder Collection
Wenny published on March 26, 2019    Jenny translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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