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  • Looks like we're all ready to embark.

  • Yep. The provisions are all taken care of.

  • Where's the captain of this ship?

  • Yeah, where's the captain?

  • This awesome boat ride isn't going to enjoy itself.

  • Mickey!

  • Uh, be right there!

  • Hey, you're not allowed in here.

  • Gotcha!

  • There he is!

  • What took you so long?

  • Hop aboard, Mick. I just finished priming the poop deck.

  • No! Wait!

  • Hey!

  • Hey! Hey, guys! Guys!

  • Look! It's a monkey!

  • Hey! It's me!

  • Hey! Hey, guys!

  • You ever get the feeling they're trying to communicate with us?

  • Wow! Mickey knew exactly what it was saying.

  • That's my Mickey! He's so smart.

  • Bravo!

  • Guys!

  • Wait!

  • It's that monkey again!

  • He's taking a nap in his hammock.

  • You're right, Mickey. He does look kind of cute up there.

  • Wait!

  • Now that monkey's performing some kind of dance.

  • Must be mating season.

  • Speaking of mating season...

  • Wow.

  • He's a scholar and a gentleman.

  • Bravo!

  • Oh, Mickey, you're so considerate.

  • It's that monkey again!

  • And he's enraged!

  • You!

  • Me?

  • No. Him.

  • Mickey, look out!

  • We'll save you, Mick!

  • Mickey! Mickey! Are you okay?

  • Guys, guys, I'm fine.

  • Let's just relax and enjoy the rest of the ride.

  • I hear there's some gorgeous waterfalls up ahead.

  • Waterfalls?

  • Up ahead?

  • Ha! What a boat ride this is turning out to be. Right, gang?

  • ALL: You said it, Mickey!

Looks like we're all ready to embark.

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Mickey Monkey | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

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