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Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel
"Atlas" with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner
of FoodChallenges.com
Very very excited today! I've been on a break trying to lose some of my European weight
but I'm going for win #253!
I've been wanting to do this eating challenge for a long long time!
It's one of the last food challenges I have yet to beat in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.
I'm in Farmington, Missouri at Spokes Pub & Grill
Taking on their 3 lb Crown Burger Challenge!
Now only two people have beaten this food challenge.
The record by my friend Ramsey "The Mantis" Hilton is 21:06.
I've got 45 minutes to complete the food challenge.
This will be a unique challenge because it's not all beef!
We have a pound of beef, a pound of bison, and then a pound of elk!
Along with that are onion rings, healthy vegetables (which are optional)
but I'm going to try get those down too!
We've got 45 minutes! If I fail it's $35 but if I win I'll get it free, a cool shirt, and I'll be
up on their Wall of Fame, so lets get it started!
One, two, three!
My friend Ramsey never wastes, so I'm sure he ate all these vegetables, so I will too!
18:40 switching to soda, lets get the bread down!
Just under 22 minutes. No record. I think Ramsey was in season when he did this.
The bread is very thick and has a sweet taste with lost of butter. It's going down, so lets finish it!
32:54 is the official time!
Wasn't the record but I haven't done a challenge in a while but it was a very good burger!
Loved the elk and the bison! First time having those!
Thank you to Spokes Pub and Grill!
Awesome challenge! Got the $35 meal for free, a sweet shirt and my picture up on
their Wall of Fame, and best of all, win #253!
Thanks for watching!
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Spoke's Elk Bison Beef 3lb Crown Burger Eating Challenge | Randy Santel

870 Folder Collection
Jimmy Raelian Hung published on September 16, 2015
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