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Errr i need your help
Err help with what?
I need you to push me off the edge
Err... Ok
Wait no no no no wait wait wait
heh this is going to be good
I build this with my incredible knowledge on aeroplanes
You didn't even know what an aeroplane was until yesterday
And im still not convinced you actually know what one is now
Don't worry i watched a tutorial on the internet.. I'm an expert
Yeah ok then
So what do you need me to do
Let me get in first
Right i will count to three and then you'll push me off the edge
Heh this is going to be a disaster
1.. 14...96.. 3!! (grunts)
(Sings Top Gun Theme Song)
Oh wow... I don't know what to expect anymore
(Sings Top Gun Theme Song)
(Heavy Breathing)
This is yanky bravo 4 niner requesting permission to perform an emergency landing
Who are you talking to?
I repeat yanky bravo 4 niner requesting permission to perform an emergency landing
Errrr... Denied?
Take my breath away!!!
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The Crack! - THE PLANE

1664 Folder Collection
James published on September 16, 2015    James translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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