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Jujube is a low calorie fruit which comes power packed with nutrients, vitamins and
minerals. Here is a sneak peak into the top 10 Jujube benefits
Jujube is a good energy booster and it is good to get rid of fatigue.
Jujube is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Potassium which helps in strengthning of immune
The soothing effect of Jujube enables it to be used as a natural anti-depressant and sedative.
The fruit is also ideal for easing anxiety, stress
Along with improving digestion, dried Jujubes act as gentle laxatives. It also improves
Niacin in Jujube ensures effective and efficient pumping of blood.
The water extract from these Chinese dates has the potential to inhibit Cancerous cells,
especially the one triggering Leukemia.
Jujube is a good source of antioxidants. It shields against liver injuries and Cancer.
Jujube's low calories value put together with negligible fat content makes them ideal for
snacking. The fruit is quite popular among fitness freaks.
Presence of Calcium and Phosphorous in Jujube aids strengthening bones and teeth.
Antioxidants present in Jujube makes it a natural anti ageing agent, thus keeping your
skin younger. The extracts are used as remedies for skin redness, sunburns and dryness.
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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Jujube

25692 Folder Collection
Saba Singh published on September 9, 2015
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