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- You can't--like, you can't drink right now, obviously.
Or you shouldn't be, if you are.
- I know, no, stop right now. Yeah, I can't drink.
I'm up for an Oscar and I can't drink at the Oscars!
I actually--I had, like a-- you know, I went to the doctor.
You get to have lots of doctors' checkups when you're pregnant.
And she was like, "Any questions?"
I was like, "Yes, when can I drink?
I just want a margarita!" Yeah.
- I mean, I didn't even think about that.
It's one thing to--to be pregnant and you can't drink,
but the Oscars is such a-- it's a party atmosphere,
everything about it. - Yeah.
- Whether you win or lose, you want a drink.
- It's true, it's true.
My husband's having a great time.
I'm eating for two and he's drinking for two.
- Is that right? - Yeah, it's brilliant.
- Yeah, I saw a picture of him at the bar.
It seems like--does he just hang out at the bar?
- Yeah, pretty much. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there he is.
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, with drink in hand.
Yeah, no, he's a--yeah.
He's--there's a lot of free champagne,
so he thinks that because
I'm not drinking the free champagne, he has to.
- Right. - All of it, so--
- 'Cause it's free, you have to.
- Yeah, well, you really do have to.
- So this is the first time, though,
he's been to all the awards with you, right, or--
- Yes. - Did he come before?
- No, no, he's--
Yeah, no, I'm pulling pregnant lady
"You have to come with me! Support me!"
So he's doing that. - Is he loving it?
Or--what do you mean, "you have to come with me"?
They're fun! - [laughs]
Yeah! No, I think he's loving it.
- Yeah. No, he's not.
- Well, you know. I mean, you know.
He gets to wear lots of nice suits.
He's enjoying that, yeah.
- He's a handsome guy. - He is.
- I like the way he looks. - Thank you.
- So, ah--so being pregnant-- I know this from talking to
so many people who have been pregnant--
There are so many people that give you all kinds of advice...
- Yeah.
- And guess if it's a boy or a girl--
Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?
- No, I don't know. Do you want to guess?
- Ah, boy. - Really?
- Mm-hmm. - Okay, cool.
I always guess "boy,"
just 'cause I have a 50-50 shot. [laughter]
- You're quite safe. - Right.
- You know, yeah.
- But I think it is a boy. - Okay, great.
- You know why? Because you're carrying
- Do you know yesterday somebody said it was a girl
because I'm carrying out that way, and now you're saying
it's a boy 'cause I'm carrying out this way, so--
- I don't think that way at all. - Really?
- No, I think you're straight out--I think it's a boy.
- I don't know, it's just definitely there, isn't it?
But, yeah, I mean--apart from--
Somebody said to me the other day that the problem with boys
is that when you're changing-- sorry, this is horrible--
but when you're changing their nappies,
you can get, like, the wee in your face?
'Cause they do-- yeah, you see,
I've got a lot of people nodding at me, which--
- Let me-- - I never knew that before!
- Let me translate. - It sounds terrifying!
- We're in America, let me translate.
- Oh. - She--
[laughter] - Sorry, sorry!
- "Nappy" is a diaper. - Oh, "diaper."
- And "wee" is pee. - Yeah.
[laughter] - So--
- I forget we speak different languages.
- Yeah, yes. - I know, I'm sorry.
- I understood it, because I speak both languages.
But, um-- [laughter]
- That's very good. - English and American.
- Yeah. - So, yes.
They will sometimes wee in your face.
- Wee in the face. - Yeah, that doesn't seem fun.
- No, not really, no. - No.
And 'cause you only have two hands, you can't, like,
- No, and apparently they roll as well,
so you have to, like, try and stop them
as you're trying to grab something else
in order to stop them peeing in your face.
So that sounds quite interesting.
- Yeah. - I don't know what
I'm going to do about that.
- Well... - I'll keep you posted.
- All right, please do!
'Cause that's-- [laughter]
I want to hear about that a lot.
- Sure, yeah.
- And then someone asked you if there was a birth plan?
- Oh, there's a whole birthing plan.
Sorry, but what is the plan? Apart from to get it out?
I'm just saying-- I mean, there isn't an option
to kind of keep it in, is there? - No.
- So I'm assuming my plan is to get it out,
but apparently there's more to the plan than that.
- Yes. - I don't know what that is.
- You should plan something. - Okay.
- I don't know when you're due. - Still, my plan
is to get it out.
It will come out. That's the plan.
- You don't have to plan that. That'll happen.
- Really, that'll happen? Okay.
- There's no need to-- - Well, good,
then I don't need a birth plan, do I?
That was it. - All right.
- Well, it's true, like, back in the day,
people would be in the fields and have a child and--
- Yeah, just drop it out, keep working.
- Keep working. - Pick it up.
- Yeah. - Yeah, that's my plan.
- So you can be on set, drop it out--
- I'll find a field. - Keep doing.
- Yeah, sure.
- Your version of the field. - Exactly.
- You'll be on set. - Yeah.
In front of cameras! That'd be awful, wouldn't it?
- No, it would be great! - No, yeah, wonderful
for television, but not so good for me.
- Can you imagine if we caught that on--
Are you any time--are you close? - Right now?
- Because that would be great. - Right now?
I mean, if you got the strippers back in,
I think I could probably, you know, just go.
- Really? - No, sorry.
- 'Cause we're in sweeps. That would be great for us.
- That would--okay. [laughter]
- All right, I got you something for the nursery.
- Okay. - Bring it out, please?
(audience) Aw!
- Oh, wow, wow. - All right.
- What do--what it-- - All right.
It's--first of all,
you're confused, like you don't even--
This is how you change them, okay?
You don't even know that.
- Okay--oh! This is good,
so it can't roll off.
- These are their nappies, right here.
- Okay, great.
- But you can start drinking once you have it...
- Oh! - So there's a bar...
- Awesome! [cheers and applause]
[cheers and applause] - Okay?
- Yeah.
- And-- - Now we're talking.
- You put that on--
'Cause, 'cause they'll pee! See?
- This great, no! This is great.
You need to sell these to every new mother.
- I know, I know.
- This is a great idea.
- And--see, he's down there--
- Yeah, and like--and with the-- - And you just put that on--
[talking over each other]
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Keira Knightley Talks About Her Pregnancy

1025 Folder Collection
Chien Hui Lin published on September 8, 2015
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