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Unity's built-in profiler
allows us to quickly and accurately
assess the performance of our games.
Using this information we can keep our scenes running
smoothly and efficiently.
In Unity we can access the profiler
by clicking Window - Profiler.
Or by pressing Control-7 in Windows
or Command-7 on a Mac.
The profiler window functions just like every other
Unity editor window and can be easily docked
so that it is more readily available.
Once the profiler is open
statistics will be collected about our scene
every time it is run.
Let's run our scene now and pause execution
after a few frames.
Now that the profiler has some data,
we can begin examining it.
The profiler window itself is split in to 3 sections.
The first is the profiler area section
where we can see the various measurements being recorded.
Next we have an overview
where we can get a detailed breakdown
of each profiler area.
Finally we have the pre-object display
where we can get information about the
items in our overview.
By default the profiler measures CPU usage, GPU usage,
rendering performance, memory usage, audio,
and physics for both 3D and 2D.
Any of these can be selected to get more information
in the overview window.
To the right of the profiler area section
is a color chart outlining the specific performance
of different pieces of each area.
For instance, in the CPU Usage component,
we can see that rendering usage is freed
whilst Script Performance is blue.
We can switch these different sections on
and off by clicking the box next to their names.
Clicking anywhere in the color chart will give you a vertical line.
The line represents a specific frame of recorded data.
We can see what frame we are on
and the total number of frames
by looking at the frame count in the upper righthand corner.
We will also see some numbers appear around our line.
These numbers represent the amount of time
in milliseconds each of the sessions took
during that specific frame.
Obviously lower numbers mean faster games.
We can see the specific information for the selected frame
in the overview section.
Items in the overview section with an arrow next
to them can be expanded for more information.
With all of this information at your fingertips
you will be able to more readily determine
the performance of your games and optimise them.
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Introduction to the Profiler - Unity Official Tutorials

728 Folder Collection
burst published on September 8, 2015
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