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Let's wait for Grandma.
Grandma, grandma. Go!
Where is she hiding?
Here she is!
Come to Grandma!
Come and give Grandma a hug!
You should say "I love you!"
I missed Yuri.
Why, why?
Why are you doing that to Grandma?
Give me a hug
Yuri, did you forget Grandma?
Yuri, why?
Give Grandma a kiss.
Yuri. Say "Grandma."
Say " I love you!"
Come on!
Yuri came to Grandpa and even gave me a kiss!
Of course!
Give Grandma a hug!
Say "I love you."
I think she gave Grandpa a hug because I gave him a hug as soon as I saw him.
Did you give me a kiss? You cutie!
Give me one more kiss.
Give me one more.
I will kiss you, too.
Yuri hasn't gotten taller much.
Yuri, why have you not grown much?
I guess Yuri likes Grandpa?
Do you remember Grandma, now?
Oh my... Let me look at Dasomi.
You came a long way... Dasomi.
My lovely baby..
Awwww. You are tired.
You are tired.
Not "Aunt," you should call me Grandma.
I guess she keeps saying "Aunt" because she has been skyping with her aunt. (Lily's sister)
Hey, Yuri. Don't.
Dad. Please keep going.
Call me Grandma.
Mom. You look younger.
Your hairdo
Why hasn't you grown much?
I have grown a lot!
I think she likes Grandpa more.
I gave dad a hug when I saw him, and Yuri gave him a hug right away.
If I give you a hug, Yuri will want to give you a hug, too. (She likes to copy me.)
Yuri, look!
I love you! ( Mom hugged me.)
Give Grandma a hug.
Yuri, give her a hug.
Honey, she says she will give you a hug.
Give Grandma a hug.
Give me a hug.
So cute.
So cute.
Grandma wants to give you a kiss.
Why are you wearing such a big cap?
Let's go!
Why is it not moving?
There is something in front.
Come this way.
Hurry, dad.
Let's go!
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Reunion with Grandma and Grandpa at the airport (Eng Subbed)

653 Folder Collection
Peter Sze published on September 5, 2015
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