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How to Ask Out a Flight Attendant. Flight attendants get hit on all the time, so if
you want your sincere interest to stand out, you’ll have to set yourself apart from the
crowd. You will need Charm Chivalry and a business card. Step 1. Dress in clean, neat
business clothes. You’ll immediately distinguish yourself from the 90 percent of flyers who
have dressed for comfort—you know, the ones whose gnarly toes are sticking out of their
flip-flops. Step 2. If at all possible, sit in First or Business Class; deserved or not,
it immediately gives you credibility. A good way to sit in First Class without paying a
fortune is to use your frequent-flyer miles for an upgrade. Step 3. Flash a winning smile
at the target of your desire as you board and offer a sincere “Hello.” Flight attendants
are used to being ignored when they welcome passengers, so this will make you stand out
as someone with manners. Hold eye contact for a second longer than normal; it’s been
proven to unnerve people in a way that sexually excites them. Step 4. Decline the champagne.
Accepting a glass of bubbly upon boarding is for giddy novices. Step 5. Look for an
opportunity to show your chivalrous side. For example, you could jump up and help her
as she struggles to hoist someone’s 200-pound carry-on into an overhead compartment. Step
6. Be unfailingly polite throughout the flight—say “please” and “thank you” and don’t
ring the bell unless you’re choking to death. The longer the flight goes on, the more she’ll
be comparing you favorably to the regular pains-in-the-asses. Read something that makes
you look intelligent and successful, and that invites conversation—like a manual that
suggests you are learning to fly your own plane. Step 7. Aside from when you are offering
a heartfelt “please” and “thank you,” ignore her. You don’t want to be lumped
in with all the leering lotharios and their cheesy come-ons. Step 8. When the captain
instructs the flight crew to take their seats for landing, take out a business card and
jot down a note to the effect of, “Dear Sandy, I’d love to take you to [an expensive
restaurant] for dinner one night.” Step 9. As she offers her “buh-bye,” thank
her for a wonderful flight as you smile, make eye contact, and slip her your card. Step
10. Start saving your money; you’ll need it for that pricey dinner when she phones.
Did you know In a survey of professions that men find sexy, flight attendants came in third,
after models and dancers.
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How to Ask Out a Flight Attendant

24630 Folder Collection
William Hvef published on January 3, 2016
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