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Hi Friends! Most of us will always have doubts regarding process inside the Airport..I will
explain you all the necessary steps that you have to know before travelling for the first
time in flight.. Five important things that you have to keep
in mind. 1. Check-in
2. Immigration 3. Waiting Hall
4.Boarding in to flight ie..Entering inside the flight
I will say about all these things in detail 1. Check-in:
After entering inside the airport, you can see counters for each airline..If you are
travelling in emirates airlines, you have to go to the particular emirates counter..
After reaching the counter, You have to submit your main luggage to them...You can have your
laptop and hand luggage of 7kgs with you..Give the main luggage in the counter section..They
will check your luggage weight and will transfer it directly to the flight by their airlines
employees..Usually main luggage weight depends upon the airlines..Some airlines may allow
30 kgs as main luggage+7kgs as handluggage Total 37kgs...Put your laptop in your laptop
bag and so they will not include it while weighing..So check with airlines before travelling
and also check your luggage weight outside before entering the airport..If your luggage
weight exceeds airlines limit, they will charge you for every kg..In the mean time, you have
to submit your passport and visa to the counter Person..They will verify every detail and
will provide your boarding pass and Immigration form. Boarding pass means a flight ticket
which will have your seat number..Get back your passport and visa from the counter..
Check in is nothing but, the things which you have done now..Ie..Going to counter section,
submitting main luggage and getting your boarding pass..This process is called checkin..
2. Immigration: Now you have to fill the details in the immigration
form which you got from the counter during check in and keep it in a pocket..It will
not be used now..It will be used only after arrival..Now you have finished check in..At
present you have your passport, visa, boarding pass, hand luggage and filled immigration
form..Now you have to enter the immigration counter..Immigration counter is common for
all airlines and will be always in the queue..Now submit your passport and visa to the immigration
officer who will verify your travel and identity..Sometimes an immigration officer may ask simple can
regarding your travel..So please be ready for that..After verifying passport, they will
stamp a departure seal in the passport..There are two immigrations..One in departure airport
and another in arrival airport..Now you have finished the departure immigration..
3. Waiting Hall Now you have to wait in the common waiting
hall..You have to wait until an announcement from airlines for departure..
4. Boaring in to the Flight: Usually the airlines will allow passengers
to board into the flight before 30 mins of the departure time..
Based on the seat no mentioned in your borading pass,you have to sit in the flight..Airhosstess
will guide you regarding the safety tips before departure..
Sometimes immigration forms will not be issued during check-in and airlines will provide
it before landing on the flight..After landing you will be directed to the immigration counter..Now
you have to submit your passport, visa and immigration form which you have filled during
check-in..After verifying passport, they will stamp an arrival seal in the passport and
will give it back to you..They will keep the immigration form with them..Now you can collect
your main luggage from the rolling bag holder and can exit
the airport..
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First Time Flight Journey Tips(ENGLISH)

5962 Folder Collection
William Hvef published on September 5, 2015
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