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Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! I’m here with my friend Kurt today. Kurt: What’s up guys!
Ro: And I got so many requests from you guys to do the Baby Food Challenge,
Ro: And to play this game with my friend Kurt, so we are gonna be
Ro: doing that for you guys today!
Kurt: The Baby Food challenge if you guys don’t know, we are each going to eat
Kurt: five different kinds of baby foods, while blindfolded.
Kurt: We got our little cute blindfold right here. Ro: Mmmhmm.
Kurt: And our little baby food bibs!
Ro: Little baby bibs, I got Kurt the Rock Star bib and I got myself…
Kurt: Troublemaker… Ro: Obviously the Troublemaker. Kurt: Of course!
Kurt: And, if you guess right, you get a point.
Kurt: And she’s going down! Ro: And there’s gonna be a winner.
Ro: So the first thing that we’re gonna do is pick who goes first, we’re gonna
Ro: do rock, paper, scissors, the loser has to eat baby food first!
Ro: Are you ready? Kurt: I’m ready!
Both: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
Kurt: Ohhh! Ro: Oooooh, no! Kurt: Rock beats scissors!
Ro: Alright, I’m going first, so, I will have to be blindfolded and I
Ro: will have to choose my weapon. So let me put this on.
Kurt: Your choice. Ro: OK, I’m gonna choose Purple.
Kurt: Solid choice, but it won’t help you!
Kurt: You ready? Ro: Ah, I’m so nervous, I don’t know what baby food tastes like.
Kurt: First baby food! Ro: Ohhh!
Kurt: Alright, it actually, this smells really good.
Kurt: Open up!
Kurt: Open up!
Kurt: It’s going in either way so it would be easier if you opened!
Ro: Wait wait, OK, OK OK OK, OK!
Kurt: What, what flavor do you think it is?
Kurt: Want a, want a little sniff-eroonie? Ro: Mmmhmm.
Ro: OK, wasn’t as gross as I thought, it’s a little bit sweet, tart…
Kurt: Yeah it smells amazing. Like I actually, I’m jealous you got to eat this.
Ro: What is that an apple?
Ro: OK, I’m gonna do my guess on three. One, two, three
Ro: Apple!
Kurt: One, two, three, a-no!
Ro: What, what was it?
Kurt: That would be, prunes. Ro: Prunes! oh it’s like a raisin!
Ro: Now it’s Kurt’s turn for his first flavor and I didn’t even know they made
Ro: baby food in this flavor. Kurt: I’m oddly excited right now.
Ro: OK, open up, brrooom! OK!
Kurt: Mmmm…
Ro: Swirl it around. Kurt: That’s gross! Ro: Um, do ya have aneshrf?
Kurt: There’s a little chunk in that one! Ro: Oh!
Kurt: Ugh! Ro: Would you like to smell? Kurt: Ya know… Ro: All this fragrance?
Kurt: I um… Ro: The aroma? Kurt: Sure… Ro: OK. Kurt: Just for the purpose of guessing.
Kurt: Wait where is it? Ro: Right here, oh! It’s on your chin, sorry, here.
Kurt: It tastes kind of grainy to me. Ro: Mmmhmm.
Kurt: I’m going to go with sesame.
Ro: Sesame. Kurt: Yeah. No? Not even close?
Ro: Is that your final answer?
Kurt: I’m guessing by you that it’s completely wrong but the way you said that.
RO: Oh shoot, how!?! I always give it away!
Kurt: Chicken! Chicken Noodle, ah! Ro: Chicken Noodle Dinner!
Kurt: That was a noodle! The chunk was a noodle! Ro: I know!
Kurt: Oh my goodness!
Ro: A little. Kurt: It looks disgusting! Ro: Yeah. Kurt: Let’s be honest.
Ro: I mean the color is… Kurt: That looks terrible.
Ro: Score is zero, zero, and about to change!
Kurt: Uh, uh! Ro: I’m gonna guess this one.
Kurt: About to change when I go, after you!
Kurt: I, I’ve never liked these things… But, maybe in baby food form it’s good.
Kurt: You ready for this? Ro: Yyyyeeeep! Kurt: Mmmm! Ramph!
Kurt: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I think she likes it!
Kurt: So it was good? Ro: Ew!
Ro: It’s not sweet enough to be a fruit, yet it’s dank-y enough to be like a
Ro: sweet vegetable. What’s a sweet, oh Ro what’s a sweet vegetable,
Ro: What’s a sweet vegetable? Come on Ro! You know this! You deal with food a lot!
Ro: What’s a sweet vegetable? Not a tomato, not a tomato…
Ro: Is it pumpkin? Kurt: Is that your final answer? Ro: Yeah!
Kurt: No! Oh my god I thought you were so gonna get it!
Kurt: You said the word sweet, I think like ten times, in a row!
Kurt: It is sweet potato! Ro: No! Kurt: Sweet potato.
Kurt: You were like, what is a sweet vegetable! What is a sweet vegetable!
Ro: That tastes like one of them pumpkins that you carve for Halloween,
Ro: And then you leave it out on your porch, and then it sits out for too long.
Kurt: Mmmmm. Ro: And it starts smelling funny.
Ro: Got Kurt’s second flavor, I eat these, almost every other day.
Kurt: She eats them? Ro: So I’m hoping… Kurt: You eat these almost every other day?
Ro: But if you don’t eat this, then maybe you won’t. Kurt: Hmmm.
Ro: Kurt, I don’t know what you eat. Because when we go out for dinner you like
Ro: pastas and pho. Kurt: I feel like when we go out to dinner though, it’s always
Kurt: to either Cheesecake Factory. Ro: Mmmmhmmm. Kurt: Or like, a pho place.
Ro: Today, where do you want to go to eat?
Kurt: Um, Cheesecake Factory or a Pho place. Ro: Probably what we’re gonna do.
Ro: Dgugga-doo! Dgugga-dgugga-doo! Train into the station! Kurt: Ahhh!
Ro: OK, there you go! Kurt: Ohm!
Ro: Think about it, you can do it Kurt!
Kurt: Wait this one actually tastes really good though.
Kurt: Could, can I have another taste is that against the rules?
Ro: Yeah, let’s do another one, OK.
Kurt: Is it banana? Ro: Yes! Kurt: It is!?!? Ro: Yes, yes, yes!
Kurt: Oh my god! Oh my god! We got one! Oh!
Ro: A point for Kurt!
Kurt: If you have a baby, feed them banana, do not feed them this sweet potato
Kurt: chicken noodle nonsense! Ro: No!
Kurt: I will actually be shocked if you get this, it does not smell like what it is.
Ro: Oh god! Kurt: Here we go, open up!
Kurt: Neeyahmp! Gloomph!
Kurt: Hmmm, another one that you like?
Ro: Beet, carrot? Um, let me just, OK I'm gonna guess.
Ro: One, two, three… A beet!
Kurt: Oh! No wait, you got it before though! Ro: Oh no!
Kurt: Aw, that should be like, that should be like 1/2
Kurt: a point or something, at least. Ro: I…
Kurt: You, you, you totally got it. Ro: OK, I’m gonna take the 1/2 a point for that
Ro: but I will say that the aftertaste, tastes like a beet.
Ro: Alright, are you ready Kurt? Kurt: Bring, bring it on.
Ro: It’s a little bit stronger, do you want to taste it or smell it first?
Kurt: Um, I’ll, I’ll do the smell, you know. I’ll, I’ll take that.
Ro: OK, here, up here, up here.
Kurt: Oh my god! That’s such a distinctive smell!
Kurt: I, I feel like I instantly know that smell from childhood.
Kurt: I, I mean I’ll, I’ll taste it, but you know on the smell I even think I
Kurt: know what it is. Ro: OK. Kurt: That's tuna fish, yeah. Ro: Alright, open, open, open!
Ro: OK. Kurt: Awghhh! Ro: Aw-hee-hee-hee!
Kurt: Why would you make baby food out of this? Oh my god!
Kurt: It’s totally tuna fish though!
Ro: Alright, is that your final answer. Kurt: Tuna fish! Ro: One, two, three.
Kurt: Tuna fish!
Kurt: Wait, is it, is it, is it not? Ro: No… Kurt: No?!?!
Kurt: It’s not tuna fish? What is it? Ro: But it was a meat.
Ro: Ham and gravy, but I thought… Kurt: That’s a ham and gravy?
Ro: In Kurt’s defense, this smells like tuna fish! This smells exactly like tuna fish.
Ro: If I was. Kurt: That’s tuna fish! Ro: I know, if I… It smells like tuna fish.
Ro: Molly come smell this! Kurt: It… Molly, Molly. Ro: Smell this.
Kurt: Outside opinion! Mo: That's, yeah, that’s fishy!
Kurt: If any of you out there have this ham and gravy baby food, please confirm
Kurt: that I’m not crazy! This is tuna fish right? Ro: Yeah.
Kurt: They, they’re, they’re lying, this is false advertisement right here.
Ro: Maybe they just put a wrong label on it.
Kurt: And don’t put it in your baby’s mouth.
Kurt: Oh man, you are so lucky you get this flavor.
Ro: OK. Kurt: Open up! Nyamp! Ro: Mmmm!
Ro: Applesauce! Apple!
Kurt: Yeah, I have… Ro: Kurt likes applesauce! Kurt: I call shenanigans on the people
Kurt: that are deciding who gets to eat what flavor here! I don’t know what baby
Kurt: food challenge operation you’re running, Ro!
Kurt: I’m trying this! Ro: And, I got a point!
Ro: Now it’s 1-1/2 to one! Kurt: Yeah this is good!
Ro: Next one, Kurt, there’s actually two things in here, so if you guess one of them
Ro: we’ll give you a point. Kurt: OK! Ro: No matter what.
Ro: OK, open! There you go! Kurt: Hmmm…
Kurt: It’s fruity. Ro: Mhmm, mhmm!
Kurt: You know some of these baby foods are pretty good. Ro: Mhmm!
Kurt: I think the trick is just get the ones with fruit in it.
Kurt: Because those have been all the good ones so far.
Ro: Yeah no, no meats! The meats haven’t been winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Kurt: It, it tastes like orange… Orange and pineapple?
Ro: OK, is this your final answer? Kurt: Oh, oh man!
Kurt: I, I… Ro: I shouldn’t ask you that! Kurt: I get so scared when you say that.
Kurt: I, you know, I’m not gonna cheat so I’m just gonna say yeah, yes it is.
Ro: OK, what was it orange pineapple? Kurt: OK, oh dang it!
Kurt: Yeah, what was it?
Ro: It was more citrus-y but it says it’s apple and blueberry.
Kurt: Now wait, I want to taste it again now.
Kurt: Like, now that I know what it is, it’s really easy! Ro: Mhmm!
Kurt: This one actually might be my, my favorite so far, I have to be honest!
Kurt: I know you can’t see this, but this is probably the most appetizing
Kurt: color I could think of! Ro: Was it poop brown? Kurt: I, I don’t know, yeah.
Ro: What is it? Kurt: I, I’m not sure, Ro: Oh you can't tell em that! Kurt: you’re, you’re gonna have to guess!
Kurt: Open the portal! Ro: Oh no! Kurt: Rawwwwwm, pfghh!
Ro: Oh no, oh! Oh no!
Ro: I know what that is!
Kurt: No! You do? Ro: I do. Kurt: Dang it!
Kurt: You want to smell it? Ro: Mmmm! Mmmm! No! Kurt: You sure?
Ro: Oh! No, no, no! Kurt: Oh it smells so good!
Ro: Oooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Ro: It’s peas! Kurt: It is, it is peas. Ro: Is it peas?
Kurt: It is peas, you got it. Ro: Ugh! Woof! Woof!
Ro: I don’t like mashed, cooked peas, I can eat them fresh, like out of the pod.
Kurt: Yeah this is… Ro: But not… Ugh!
Ro: I’m sorry I spit up.
Kurt: It’s OK, this doesn’t really seem like a good idea for baby food in general.
Kurt: Alright. Ro: Kurt, get your mask on.
Kurt: I think this is un-winnable for me now.
Ro: Yes, but you could still get a point.
Ro: It’s a little liquid, more liquid-y than normal at the top.
Kurt: Ew! Ro: Let me just…
Ro: Train’s in the station, chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga!
Kurt: Awmph! Ro: And?
Kurt: It tastes like it was in the ground. Ro: Mhmm!
Kurt: Like a root-y vegetable thing. Ro: Mhmm, mhmm.
Kurt: I think I’d go with pumpkin…
Kurt: No?
Kurt: I, I’m… By the deafening silence, I’m guessing, I think I’m wrong again.
Ro: Kurt, is this your final answer?
Kurt: Every time you’ve asked me that question, I’ve always been wrong!
Ro: Kurt would you like to use a lifeline?
Kurt: Would I like to use a… What, what are my lifelines?
Ro: Uh, your lifelines are, we can ask Mo… Um, we can ask her…
Kurt: I’m pretty sure she’s seen it.
Ro: We can give two options, one’s right and one’s not.
Kurt: OK, I like that, I like that. Ro: It’s called the fifty-fifty.
Kurt: I’m taking the 50-50! Ro: OK, so Mo this is what it is.
Mo: OK, it’s either a squash or a beet.
Kurt: Uh it’s a squash, it’s a squash.
Ro: Winner, winner, winner!
Ro: We got a point for Kurt, the fifty-fifty lifeline.
Kurt: I finally got another point!
Kurt: I finally got another point!
Kurt: I don’t know if that counts as a full point.
Kurt: That was kind of like a… You really gave me that one. Ro: OK I’ll give you…
Kurt: You were taking some pity on me. Ro: OK how about that is a half a point.
Kurt: Half point.
Kurt: Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!
Kurt: Congratulations to Ro! The winner of the Baby Food Challenge!
Ro: Oh my gosh, your trumpet’s way better than mine!
Ro: Mines, bbb-bbb-bbb, bbb-bbb-bbb-bbb-bbb!
Kurt: What are you, what, that’s amazing, what are you talking about?
Ro: It like, hurts my lips.
Kurt: You got like, a lot of lip vibration going on in yours.
Ro: Wait, do yours again.
Kurt: I, I, see I wasn’t even doing it at all that way, I was like
Kurt: doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!
Ro: Our final score was two and a half to one and a half, so…
Kurt: Room for improvement. Ro: We’re not the best at this game, but it was
Ro: a lot of fun, thanks you guys for suggesting it, and a big thank you to Kurt
Ro: for coming to play this game with me.
Ro: I’ll be putting his links down below, so you can go check it out.
Ro: And, if you have any other ideas for any other games or challenges we should
Ro: play, let me know, leave me a comment down below.
Ro: And if you want to see any past games, you can click up here…
Kurt: Or up here. Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Kurt: See ya!
Ro: To make this very exciting, we’re gonna change the game!
Ro: This is bonus round, all or nothing. Kurt: I’m ready!
Ro: You get five points right here.
Kurt: I’ve been practicing all… Well the past thirty minutes for this!
Ro: Are you ready? Kurt: Mhmm, I’m set let’s do it.
Ro: Now, my friend said this was the grossest weirdest flavor they could find, so…
Kurt: Mmmm!
Ro: All or nothing, sudden death, here we go!
Ro: Mmm! Mmm! Kurt: Hmm-mmm. Mmm-mmm. Ro: Mmmm!
Kurt: I can’t… Ro: Mmm-mmm. Kurt: I can’t on that one. Ro: Mmm.
Kurt: That one’s really bad. That one’s really bad!
Kurt: It’s like oddly spicy. I think it’s chili.
Ro: One, two, three…
Ro: Meatloaf? Kurt: Chili.
Ro: What is it?
Kurt: Spaghetti and meat sauce… What? Ro: No!
Kurt: That is the worst spaghetti and meat sauce I’ve ever tasted. Ro: Yeah.
Ro: We have spaghetti, we know what spaghetti tastes like, and that’s not it.
Kurt: This has like five hundred ingredients though!
Ro: This is not our game, sudden death, we both lose!
Kurt: Hmm, I’m glad that we can choose what we want to eat, you know when
Kurt: we grow up. Ro: Yeah. Kurt: And, someone doesn’t feed us things. Ro: Yeah.
Ro: Kurt, do you want to go get some dinner.
Kurt: Let’s, let’s go get dinner.
Ro: Let’s go get real dinner. Kurt: Let’s do it. Ro: Woof!
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BABY FOOD CHALLENGE! ft Kurt Hugo Schneider

1223 Folder Collection
Ma Ya published on September 4, 2015
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