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  • I've gotta say, at the VMAs, it was fantastic, right? Did you see the performance?

  • I have to ask, because it's gotta be a lot of pressure

  • that number 1, just to go out and sing in front of your peers in the industry, but also to fly in a harness

  • (B) Yeah (F)I mean, that was (B)Harnesses suck, right? They were telling me that you hate them backstage.

  • It's a terrible idea.

  • Oh yeah, I would have talked you out of it because you've got to really, you've got to pull everything in.

  • Yeah, all that.

  • No, I don't even have to dance. I'm just wearing a harness, I'm like ughhh

  • Its just uncomfortable. It pulls on the junk.

  • It pulls on the junk. Absolutely, yeah, thank you.

  • Hah it really does, and I go, why would he do that?

  • (F) How could he do that and sing? (B) I know.

  • Live, and it was a great performance, and then at the end, you got me, because you got really emotional.

  • (B) Yeah, yeah. (F) And you start crying, and I go, oh my gosh.

  • I just um, it was just so overwhelming for me, everything.

  • just, the performance, I missed some cues so I was a little disappointed at that.

  • just everyone, and it's just their support.

  • I was honestly, I'm going to breathe for a second. I wasn't expecting them to support me in the way they did.

  • Last time, I think I was at the VMAs, I think

  • Um, or last time I was at an awards show, I was booed.

  • (B)So (F) It's gotta be tough!

  • I think it's just like

  • I've worked so hard at this album, I've worked so hard at becoming the man I want to become.

  • And then like stepping into a situation that you can't but feel judged.

  • So I was just feeling judged and just wanting it, wanting to win so badly

  • And just wanting to do what I love so badly,

  • that um, I just put everything on the line.

  • And I think that that was what was so special about the emotional moment at the end

  • that it was authentic, it was real

  • it was like, i was really like, wanting it so bad.

  • You know, I'm just ranting now because um

  • No, it's good. Plus your junk was being pulled by the harness.

  • It was, right?!

  • You can't help the situation, I mean, you can't help the situation. (B) Can't.

  • I know, uh but you really did an amazing job, cause I've known you for a long time

  • I've always supported you

  • Unfortunately, I have to make jokes about you sometimes too (B) That's all good

  • but that's my job

  • Uh, I mean, sorry. You do your job, I do my job. (B) It's all good.

  • You know I love you.

  • Uh, and you went out there, and you just really did a great job

  • Um, you know, like I've known you and supported you all the way through

  • You went and you found people, right?

  • um, after people, um, are going to change your life and inspire you

  • What it was was that I just had a bunch of knuckleheads around me, and that was pretty much it. (F) Yeah

  • (B) And um (F) It's never good. (B) No, it's never good to have knuckleheads around.

  • But you're a kid too, and you have fun and then the knuckleheads grow up and you know...

  • For sure, I just went through a place of just trying to figure it out and making decisions to...

  • You have to figure out what you're okay with

  • and what you're not okay with, but you have to test the waters.

  • I just happened to be in front of a bunch of spotlights, like in the spotlight.

  • In front of the cameras all the time.

  • And um, they caught all those moments so

  • That's the thing

  • Hey, don't laugh!

  • You guys saying you didn't have those moments?

  • No, no, everyone...well not as much as you did

  • (F) But we have (B) But I had more accessibility

  • Not as much as you did

  • (B) Alright, alright, alright. (F) We'll get to examples later.

  • But here's the thing, what makes a man, what makes a man I think is also

  • not how much you can fight, but can you, if you get knocked down, can you get up (B) Yeah

  • And boy, did you get up (B) Thank you (F) and boy did you come back to fight

  • This, this single, fastest number one on iTunes.

  • Fastest, went to number one on iTunes under five minutes

  • It's number one in 89 countries

  • What country's holding back?

  • I mean, come on, let's just make every country number one

  • (B) Lithuania, what's going on? (F) Lithuania, let's do this. Come on Lithuania, let's get it trending, uhh

  • Well, we don't know when the album's going to drop,

  • but I heard, that you might have this exclusive thing to tell us

  • I do, but I forget the date of it.

  • (B) Ughh (F) No! You don't... (B) I swear I forget.

  • Now you have it, I know it.

  • I forget.

  • (F) That's it. (B) It's uh, November 13th. (F) That's it right there!

  • November 13th!

  • (F) You heard it from me, everybody. (B) I'm excited

  • (F) You heard it from me! (B) Isn't that why I'm here?

  • Um, yeah, that's why you're here.

I've gotta say, at the VMAs, it was fantastic, right? Did you see the performance?

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Justin Bieber Explains Why He Got Emotional During the VMAs

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