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  • Man, I’m so tired. Should I drink some coffee, or take a nap? Why not both?

  • Hi guys, Catie Wayne here for DNews and there are few things in life that I appreciate more, than a good nap.

  • Research shows that a short 20 to 30 minute nap can improve alertness, memory, boost productivity and all kinds of good stuff.

  • But, research also shows that if you drink a cup of coffee before your snooze,

  • the quality of your nap will improve drastically.

  • I know, this feels like a trick, but hang in there.

  • Were taught not to consume caffeine before sleep and with good reason.

  • Caffeine is disruptive for long periods of sleep and makes the quality of that sleep less than stellar. But a nap is a whole other situation!

  • It works like this: when youre awake a chemical compound called adenosine is produced to make you sleepy.

  • Throughout the day, your adenosine levels rise higher and higher

  • and reach a peak in the evening, when most people fall asleep.

  • While asleep, your body will break down adenosine and then when you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed

  • and then wash rinse repeat. Meanwhile, the effects of caffeine reach their peak at around 30 minutes.

  • So the idea is that if you, very quickly drink a good amount of coffee

  • and immediately take a 20 minute nap, you will wake up just when the caffeine

  • is kicking in and the drug will have much less adenosine to compete with because some

  • of it dissipated during your power nap. You should try to drink the coffee as quickly

  • as you can so you can sleep while it’s going through your gastrointestinal tract and into your bloodstream.

  • 20 minutes or so is the perfect amount of time

  • because longer naps lead to deeper stages of sleep that can be difficult for your brain to recover from.

  • Short naps don’t do that, but still naturally clears away some of that pesky adenosine.

  • Tea drinkers like myself might be wondering about other forms of caffeine.

  • You could technically consume some other form of caffeine but because there is significantly less caffeine in tea

  • or soda than there is in coffee, you’d have to drink a lot more of it to feel the same effects.

  • Damn. Caffeine pills are an option but because the capsule has to be broken down

  • before the caffeine can even begin to be absorbed into the bloodstream it takes about an hour for the effects to be felt.

  • So be sure to take that into account when planning for a coffee nap.

  • Of course, nothing is quite as effective for combating tiredness than a good nights sleep.

  • How do you feel about naps? Do you take them,

  • or do you prefer to just power through your sleepiness? Let me know them in comments.

  • Thanks for joining me on DNews, and I’ll see you next time.

Man, I’m so tired. Should I drink some coffee, or take a nap? Why not both?

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