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  • You ever look back on something from your childhood, see it in a new light, and wonder

  • just how much of a dope you were? That’s how I feel whenever I come upon this cart.

  • So may this review serve as my catharsis... despite my present-day love of all things

  • eurogame, I did enjoy Monopoly as a child. So when I received a portable version for

  • the Game Boy... well, I played the paint off of it. Shut me up but good for hours at a

  • time. Better than any pharmaceutical my parents couldve administered. At once, I’m taken

  • aback by the underhandedness of the tactic, and rather bemused at how clever they were.

  • Behold then, Action Video Monopoly, slayer of many a long car trip.

  • If youve never played Monopoly... well, let’s be reasonable. No one’s never played

  • Monopoly. Anyone who says they haven’t is just lying about it. Love it or leave it,

  • there’s a Monopoly for every taste these days, though this Game Boy version - released

  • back in 1991 - cares for none of it. And those house rules you so love, thedump all the

  • fines into the center of the boardclause, theRoll 3 doubles and you have to buy

  • ice creamstipulation? GONE. Youre playing by the rules of the game, and only those rules,

  • even the ones you’d probably never heard of before. Like having to auction a property

  • if you don’t feel like buying it. Fortunately, this being a video game, most of those more

  • fiddly bits are completely automated, such that the game doesn’t come to a grinding

  • halt if someone needs to calculate what 15% of their assets comes out to. ‘Cuz you all

  • know a guy who did just that, knowing he was in last place, hoping that everyone would

  • just get bored and go do something else during the reckoning.

  • But if you take away... well, other people, the board, all the parts to get lost, and

  • some playersmisunderstanding of the rules, Monopoly makes for a fine fit for the Game

  • Boy. You can handle all the business you require through the use of a simple menu system, from

  • managing buildings to making trades to viewing deeds. This version also includes eight AI

  • opponents, a number of pre-set scenarios if you’d prefer to start a game from the middle

  • and save yourself an hour or so, and the ability to speed up the AI if you realized youre

  • just thirty minutes from your destination and you want to see this thing through, by

  • gum. It’s really all you can do, since there’s no way to save a game state for later. But

  • while the game is perfectly functional... it’s also as minimalist as possible. During

  • the game, youll rarely hear any music, and aside from the blip of a menu cursor or

  • the crunching of the distressingly anthropomorphic cash register, barely any sound effects either.

  • But I didn’t care. I had digital jerks to run into the poor house. Until we got to grandma’s

  • house, that is.

You ever look back on something from your childhood, see it in a new light, and wonder

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CGR Undertow - MONOPOLY review for Game Boy

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/04/16
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