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Alright guys, it's me Swoop. I'm still here with Mr. 540 and we're talking about the different
types of passes.
The next pass we talk about is going to be the overhead pass, alright? No, no, no, not
overhead like this. This is used for long distances, okay? Sometimes you get big rebound
down their in the paint and you want to make sure you keep the ball over your head, hence
the name overhead pass.
Same fundamentals we talked about before. We step and take the ball over our head, passing
it to the chest area. Now as you notice, Mr. 540 is pretty close. If we back him out of
the shot a little bit, we head on down, step. I can still execute the pass at longer ranges.
No matter how far Mr. 540 goes, go Mr. 540, go! Still executing a long distance pass.
This overhead pass is used in many different occasions, but the number one time it's used
is to start a fast break after a huge rebound. Or maybe you've taken the ball out of bounds
and you want to throw a long distance pass to your teammate so they can score a basket.
And that is how you execute the overhead pass.
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How to Make an Overhead Pass | Basketball

875 Folder Collection
Jorba published on August 30, 2015
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