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  • Today we're teaming up at "Skydive Long Island" in Calverton

  • Teaching people how to jump out of the planes

  • Maybe we're not, Murr Maybe it's your punishment

  • No! No! No! No! No, It' not!

  • No! It's not There's no fxxking opportunity to jump out of the plane! NO!

  • I am not joking know why

  • by

  • will have of producing

  • Friday thanks leave his keys wrong

  • his for more new how I'm

  • in right now way home on only

  • Bihar have it's a passion you know that you have to do it

  • home made a pact dog that you can say no to punish

  • major human we're gonna play with you we're just gonna landed

  • why me the key

  • these that all this is is this

  • you don't I like a double knot or something how means just fabric great is

  • just claw

  • nylon this is my long guys

  • case you were wondering the how strong the fabric is its nylon

  • hub group

  • of see yell

  • guide me we have a problem arianna

  • by

  • the

  • the

  • my

  • the

  • as the

  • the

  • way

  • ha

  • well

  • by for your call

  • drumming Gold Rush

  • a half all enough home I need you

Today we're teaming up at "Skydive Long Island" in Calverton

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A2 US nylon fabric arianna gold rush murr jump

好友互整 - Murr的跳傘懲罰

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    丁翼 posted on 2015/08/30
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