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Heya players, the internet is full of porn and chances are you've watched some of it before.
Now that's ok with me but is ok to keep watching porn even after you get into a relationship?
This topic was suggested to me by YAnumber6 and after thinking about it for a while I
realized that porn is both good and bad for you. First off, if your partner ever asks
you if you watch porn, don't lie. Just be honest and tell them that you do because everyone else does too.
With the internet being a portal to pretty much everything, finding free porn websites is a very easy process.
But because it's so easy, it can end up being destructive.
The brain registers your level of excitement at high threshold the first time you do something,
but as you do it more and more, that stimuli begins to decrease.
Watching porn every single day then can desensitize your idea of sex and lower your desire to actively seek it out.
Think about it, why spend so much time getting ready to head out to your girlfriends house only to spend more time convincing her to have sex with you
when you can sit at home, eat a sandwich and rub one out?
If you're asking that question, then you sir have never felt real boobs before.
Therefore, not watching porn every single day will actually increase your craving to get some.
In turn your partner feels more desired and you allow your mind to rebuild that level of excitement.
Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation, but when a person uses it to mask their loneliness
or because they feel disconnected sexually from their partner, then I think it's time the two of you need to talk about it.
The problem with porn is that it's an industry built on unrealistic expectations of women and man's desire to control them.
In porn women are extremely hyper sexual all the time, they can give a damn about talking to the guy.
And remember those boobs I said you would enjoy? Yeah, the girls in porn don't really have those.
It's because of these ideal standards set by porn, that the average girl is insecure and feels like she could never measure up to these porn stars.
What do you mean in real life sometimes the girl doesn't feel like she's in the mood or that she wants to talk to me like I'm a person.
If you're in a relationship with someone who watches a lot of porn, don't worry about it.
For most guys, it's just a passing thing. Yeah they may have a few favorite porn stars,
but as long as their viewing experience doesn't interfere with their relationship, it's just a harmless activity.
What do you guys think, should a person give up watching porn just because they're in a relationship?
Leave your comments below so we can talk about it.
The biggest issues most couples face when they discover that their partner is watching porn is dishonesty.
If they're hiding it or lying about it then they just might be embarrassed to admit that they do it.
Either way, always be willing to talk things out with your partner,
and if you read slut novels guess what, that counts as porn too. As always guys, love and peace.
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Watching Porn While You're in a Relationship

19638 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on August 29, 2015    Candy translated    林筠 reviewed
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