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  • That's the temple I built for You.

  • And I'm gonna yell at You 'cause I'm mad at You. I can't... take it!

  • Gimme a sign or somethin'.

  • Blow this pain out of me.

  • Give it to me tonight, Lord God Jehovah. If You won't give me back my wife, give me peace.

  • Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, give me peace.

  • Give me peace.

  • I don't know who's been foolin' with me, You or the devil. I don't know.

  • I won't even bring the human into this.

  • He's just a mutt, so I'm not even gonna bring him into it.

  • But I'm confused, I'm mad. I love You, Lord.

  • I love You, but I'm mad at You. I am mad at You!

  • So deliver me tonight, Lord. What should I do?

  • Now, tell me: Should I lay hands on myself? What should I do?

  • I know I'm a sinner and, once in a while, a womanizer, but I'm Your servant.

  • Since I was a little boy, you brought me back from the dead, I'm Your servant.

  • What should I do? Tell me. I've always called you "Jesus;" You always called me "Sonny."

  • What should I do, Jesus? This is Sonny talkin' now.

  • - [Phone Ringing] - All right.

  • [Sonny] You let me down.

  • Hello?

  • [Woman On Phone] Miss Dewey, it sounds like you got a wild man over there...

  • carryin' on and hollerin' and whatever.

  • Who is that over there? Is that your son?

  • Oh, well that's... that is my son. He's... I tell ya,

  • ever since he was a little bitty boy,

  • sometimes he talks to the Lord, and sometimes he yells at the Lord.

  • And tonight, he just happens to be yellin' at Him.

  • Well, could you tell him to talk a little softer,

  • 'cause people gotta get their sleep.

  • Do you know what time it is? Hello?

  • [Sonny] Now, I'm callin' you, Jesus. Talk to Sonny.

  • You don't talk to Sonny tonight, it seems like.

  • - [Chuckling] - [Ranting Continues]

That's the temple I built for You.

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The Apostle (3/10) Movie CLIP - Yelling at the Lord (1997) HD

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