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  • ## [Rock Playing On Radio]

  • Therefore, when I pass by the unsullied, polluted in thine own blood,

  • I said unto thee, when thou wast in thy blood,

  • live.

  • Yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood,

  • live.

  • - Live, live. - ## [Music Stops]

  • Son, can you hear me? You don't have to say anything; just know I'm here to help you.

  • I'm a minister of the Lord. I want you to know the Lord loves you and I love you.

  • Now, if you can't answer, just nod.

  • If you can't nod, just, you know, think it.

  • Answer me in your mind...

  • and in your heart.

  • If the Lord were to call you right now, would you be ready?

  • Do you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?

  • Are you ready for Him? Are you ready to follow and accept Him at this very instant?

  • Now, if you open your heart and let Him come in,

  • He will stand with you whether you go home or whether you stay here with us.

  • And if it isn't your time, He'll stand by you, brother,

  • both you and your wife, He'll deliver you through this entire ordeal.

  • Listen to me, now. There are angels,

  • even in this automobile at this precise moment.

  • He has sent His angels here to watch over you.

  • Now, do you accept Him...

  • here today?

  • Y-Yeah.

  • - [Whispering] Thank you, Jesus. - Hey, Mister.

  • - Thank you, Jesus. - You have to get outta there. You can't be in there.

  • - You hear me? - [Whispering] Yeah.

  • - Let's go. - When that ambulance gets you, you're gonna fly.

  • Lord's gonna have a whole flock of His angels leadin' you on that highway.

  • - Come on. Get out. - He's gonna go all the way with you. You've taken the Lord.

  • He's gonna go all the way with you, 'cause you both are His champions here today.

  • Praise God.

  • Thank you. Thank you, sir.

  • Don't have to thank me, son.

  • Thank the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • You're in His hands now.

  • [Whispering] Bless you both. Bless you both.

  • Whenever two or more gather in My name, there will I be also.

  • Mister, I'm sorry about this, but you got to go back to your car.

  • - You can't be out here. You're not allowed here. - I understand that.

## [Rock Playing On Radio]

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