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  • What's that?

  • What is that?

  • Who is it?

  • That's me!

  • No, it's not you.

  • You?

  • No

  • I don't know

  • Guess what

  • What?

  • You're going to be a big brother

  • Is that your baby?

  • Yes!

  • Is it coming here?

  • In my belly!

  • Is it in your belly?! -Yes!

  • Just now?! -Yeah!

  • Is it!! - That's way I've been to the hospital.

  • Ahh!!

  • Are you really...? -Yeah!!

  • Are you really having a baby?? -Yeah!

  • Is it in there? -Yeah!

  • Oh, he's so tiny. He's got that small look

  • Oh! Hahaha I'm going to be a new big brother!

  • I hope you're not joking!

  • I'm not joking.

  • He can sleep in my bed if he wants.

  • Can he?

  • That's so kind of you.

  • That's where I've been, to have those pictures taken inside my belly.

  • Is it in your belly now? -Yeah!

  • Well we've got a long, long time to wait though before it comes out.

  • Ahhh!! I'm going to tell my teacher!

  • When you go to school?

  • (laughter)

  • Here you go, mum.

  • Thank you.

  • When we get home, is it really....?

  • Yes. I'm honestly...I'm telling the truth

  • Um, um, that's why you breathing too much

  • No! -Um, mum, is it rumbling?

  • No, you can't feel it yet. My belly's not big enough yet. We've got a long, long time to wait til the baby gets out there

  • Is it really coming?

  • Yeah, but not until after Christmas

  • Is it it really in there?

  • Really in there now.

  • Well who made that?

  • Uh, me and Andy made it.

  • Why you made it?

  • Umm, cause we did! because

  • Good to be a big brother? -YES!

  • Is it really in there?

  • Really in there, I'm not kidding

  • Um, um. I'm going to look in. I'm gonna

  • You can't just hear anything just yet

  • Not yet.

  • No, not for a long time.

  • Alright.

  • You can't see him kicking in there for a long time either

  • Why are you turning that camera to me?

  • I'm seeing how happy you are. Are you happy or are you sad? Are you happy?

  • Yeah

  • I'm so happy that the baby coming out!

  • You'll have two babies like of me -Yeah!

  • Now you're gonna have a little baby to look after and help me

  • I can hold it.

  • You can hold it! Push it in pram?

  • Yeah

  • Is that good? -Yeah!

What's that?

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My 5yr olds reaction to becoming a big brother.

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    Charlene Tai posted on 2015/08/28
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