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  • Showtime, boys. This is what it's all about, performing for the people.

  • Let's go over the plan real quick, okay?

  • You're gonna start things off with your little floor pattern,

  • Get everybody hooked, then I'm gonna step up and seal the deal.

  • Board breaks.

  • Simple plan, okay?

  • So don't fuck this up for me. This is my life, okay?

  • Every single person out there is a potential new client.

  • Y'all understand?

  • All: Yes, sir.

  • Okay, pull them in.

  • Who's the king of the demo?

  • You are, mr. Simmons. Who?

  • All: You are, mr. Simmons.

  • You're goddamn right, I am.

  • One, two, three.

  • All: Hiyah!

  • That's julio chavez,

  • Just one of our black belt students at concord taekwondo.

  • We got a lot of those there, huh?

  • This is, without a doubt, to me,

  • One of the most difficult things in taekwondo to do,

  • Is to bust them with your elbow.

  • And, well, I fashion myself a master in this.

  • So y'all are in for a special treat this afternoon.

  • (fred groans)

  • (softly) fuck!

  • Okay! All right!

  • So, if any of y'all wanna sign up for classes at concord taekwondo,

  • We have some sheets here with information, phone numbers,

  • Special rates and whatnot. And...

  • You know, come talk to me if y'all wanna learn how to do some cool taekwondo.

Showtime, boys. This is what it's all about, performing for the people.

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The Foot Fist Way (1/10) Movie CLIP - King of the Demo (2006) HD

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