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  • Here is Apple, our goal has always been to achieve perfection.

  • And last year, we accomplished that goal with the iPhone 6, a profound and enduringly beautiful phone

  • that was the perfect integration of software and hardware. But this year, we're making perfection

  • even better with the new iPhone 6S, the best iPhone since the original iPhone.

  • We gave the new iPhone 6S a vibrant 4.7 inch display, which is the same as last year,

  • but it's still revolutionary. Because we made it. The iPhone 6S has the brand new Apple A8S processor,

  • which is almost 1.01x as fast as last year's model! And don't worry,

  • it only uses twice as much battery life as before.

  • Last year, we added the groundbreaking M8 motion co-processor, which tracked your fitness data and your location.

  • This year, we decided to remove the M8 processor altogether to make the iPhone 6S even thinner,

  • but don't worry, you can still track all of your fitness data using the Apple Watch, for only $350 more.

  • The iPhone has the world's most popular camera,

  • so we spent a lot of time working on the design of the camera for iPhone 6S.

  • The iSight rear camera now records full 4K video, but you won't notice the difference when you watch the videos on your iPhone,

  • so we could just be making this up to get you to buy the iPhone 6S.

  • The iPhone 6S runs iOS 9, the most advanced mobile operating system yet.

  • Even though it still doesn't have split screen multitasking, group Facetime calls,

  • a useful version of Siri, a battery saving mode, homescreen widgets, or any kind of useful customization.

  • Hey, at least it's not that ugly robot OSAnyways, with iPhone 6S,

  • we've taken the time to do the deep engineering to design and develop an entirely new experience for you to enjoy.

  • Or, to put it in a different way that you common folk will understand

  • we're selling a new iPhone, so you should go and get one right now.

  • Because it's not like we're going to release the iPhone 7 next year or anything.

Here is Apple, our goal has always been to achieve perfection.

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