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- Well hello everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley,
and I am here with the one, (claps)
the only (claps) -
- Sawyer Hartman!
- Why are we clapping?
(both laugh)
- What do we do every video, Sawyer?
- We drink.
- It's St. Patrick's Day!
- Kind of. - Kind of.
(both laugh)
- We're like, it's a trick, motherfucker!
- Has to be very, fucking, straight-ass news!
- Straight news?
I got my good old friend Troye Sivan
to come up with a whole bunch of questions that all have
to do with St. Patrick's Day, so if you get it wrong -
- You drink! - You take a drink.
A big double shot of beer, let's start with this.
Do you like St. Patrick's Day?
- It's uh, it -
(both laugh)
- Anyway, okay, so let's get started.
Are you ready for the first question?
- No. (both laugh)
- What's the first one?
- What does the word "shamrock" mean in Gaelic?
- Oh fuck, you're the one that speaks Gaelic,
what do I know about Gaelic?
- Is it A, translates to sliprock,
which refers to rocks found on a body of water,
or B, young clover, and many kinds of clover
can be a shamrock?
A or B? - Thanks, Troye,
for this fucking - I'm not gonna win, so -
- Okay, ready? I said B!
- I said B! B, you dumb shit!
- The answer is B, you dumb shit,
- That's actually what he wrote though.
- Troye said B, you dumb shit.
Okay good, so we don't have to drink.
Why is St. Patrick's Day celebrated on March 17?
St. Patrick died on March 17,
or Ireland declared its independence on March 17?
I said B! - B!
- Dang it, wait, let's see.
- What is it, what is it, what is it?
(both groan)
- He said A, this time, I switched it up.
- Well, thanks a lot, Troye!
- Let's enjoy a double shot of love.
(glasses clink)
Wait, yours is not full!
No, you have to fill it to the top!
Oh, this motherfucker.
- True or false, St. Patrick's wasn't Irish.
- Just St. Patrick.
(both laugh)
So wait, if it's true, he wasn't Irish, or false -
- (laughs) You just asked in the weirdest way!
Is he Irish, true or false?
- True or false, St. Patrick wasn't Irish.
That means, hold up, hold up, hold up.
- Is it true he wasn't Irish or is it -
- Is it true or false - - He was indeed Irish.
- My brain literally can't.
I said false!
- One, two - - True!
- Bah, bitches! - He was born in England,
London, England.
- Sup, guys! - Oh my god, there it is.
- Three, two, one, drink.
- What was St. Patrick's color?
Okay, A, can we talk about how Troye
spelled color like a fucking idiot?
Okay, A, blue, or B, green. B, green.
- I put blue. - Oh, sugar.
- Just because it's way too obvious.
- It was blue! But the national color became green
because of the pretty mountains
and the grass and shit.
- Drink again, bitch!
Three, dos, uno.
- Oh my god. - Choppa!
- Choppa? - I'm sorry, I don't know.
I don't even know what that one was, I got excited.
- Okey dokey. - Number five. (laughs)
- Read it bitch, read it.
- Tyler Oakley lost his virginity
on St. Patrick's Day. - True or false.
- Well you know this answer!
- I do know this answer.
- I'm kind of fucked, huh?
- I said true! - False!
- (laughs) I did! - Wait really?
- I did! - Oh well, shit!
- What day did you lose your virginity?
- I believe it was a Wednesday.
- Oh, what a day!
- It wasn't that great. - No? Was he cute though?
- No, she was weird. - No, he.
(both laugh)
- The witch cackle.
- No, wait, that's not the witchy cackle!
(both laugh)
- That's not the witch cackle?
(laughs loudly)
- Literally, shish kebab.
Okay, next question.
Your odds of finding a four leaf clover are:
one in a 100,000 or one in 10,000?
Oh my god, either way, that's so unlucksville.
Hello! - We just started talking
about sharting and he made me wait to talk
about it with y'all.
- One in 100,000 or one in 10,000,
we both said B. - B (mumbles)
- B, one in 10,000. Bam. - Cheers.
- But if we both get it right,
we should just drink anyway. Bye.
- All right. I have another date after this,
and last time I went on a date after your video,
I blacked out and she never called me again.
- Oh my god.
- Which is true,
Ireland is known for being home
to some of the most poisonous snakes in the world -
- Oh shit. - Ireland has no snakes.
I know this.
- I'm gonna say this, A, true.
- B. - B, no snakes!
What a boring place! I love a good snake, who doesn't.
Oh wait, I have to drink.
Troye Sivan. - Are you guys married yet?
- Literally fuck off. Are you still speaking?
- Yeah! - I'm full, count me down.
- Eins, trois, who?
Is that good? - I'm loving this beer shot.
True or false! Though often mistaken for human,
Tyler Oakley is a leprechaun.
- True, motherfucker! - I don't know,
what would Troye have put?
True. - Bullshit,
I don't believe it. - Did you put true?
- Yeah, I put true.
- He said, true, true, true.
- We should make him take a shot.
- Yeah, he should take a shot, because that's rude.
That's a hate crime.
Number ten, true or false, Irish accents are hot.
Wait, I think I know this one. - Yeah, me too.
- I said true. - I said false.
- (gasps) - They cuss at me a lot.
- Do an Irish accent. - Okay.
(both laugh)
(speaks in Irish accent) Oh yeah,
come back to the bar, you fucker!
(speaks in normal voice) and I'm like what?
You want to take me where and do what?
- Have you been to Ireland?
- No. - Clearly.
- Oh, Tyler, why don't you try an Irish accent?
- I can't do an Irish accent.
(speaks in funny accent) Hello!
- (speaks in funny accent) Hello, hello!
- (speaks in funny accent) So we are heartsmen,
we have a drink, drink or potato.
(both laugh)
(speaks in normal voice) We are giving away an iPad!
If you want to win it, it is signed by both of us.
- Wait, we have to -
- Show them it's signed.
If you want to win it, all you gotta do
is push the thumbs up on both of our videos,
and subscribe to both of us,
and tweet these videos.
The link to tweet them is below.
- Look at that! - But look at that!
Oh my god. - I been working out.
- Me too. I been running my mouth
and jumping to conclusions.
That's all I been doing.
So if you want to see more of us
getting tipsy lipsy licious,
you can click his face or the link below,
we did - what did we do on your channel?
- We - - Oh, it was good.
We watched fail videos,
- And every time we laughed, we had to drink.
- I didn't think I was gonna laugh -
- We laughed a lot.
- But motherfucker got a little bit tipsy.
We've done eight drunk videos so far,
so if you haven't seen them -
- 16 actually! - No, we've done four
on each of our channels. (laughs)
If you haven't seen them,
I'm gonna make a playlist and put it below.
(gasps) Oh my god, no! No, no, no!
Bye, I'm done with this!
- I love you guys, thumbs up this video!
- (speaks in funny accent) Gay people don't do it.
- Yeah, well, I poop. Love you.
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Drunk St. Patrick's Day Challenge (ft. Sawyer Hartman) | Tyler Oakley

877 Folder Collection
Stein Ho published on August 23, 2015
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