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  • OK frittata, I've been shown a frittata by nonnas and chefs all around Italy they have

  • slightly different recipes and ways of doing it I'm gonna kind of bundle

  • everything I've seen and give you what I like to do at home

  • this is about a bigger thicker omelette we want some rise on it so it's almost a bit more

  • like kind of an omelette cake, I've got some lovely seasonal greens here

  • chards, kales, I've got some frozen peas here I just wanna wilt some nice greens so for

  • the kale it's all washed just gonna rip it up put it in like this

  • swiss chard is fantastic tear up the leaves and just snap up the stalks

  • kale and chard is a lot more robust than spinach but just in one minute as this heats

  • up is going to do more than we need with the peas I like to just squash them right and

  • crush them, have a look in there get in that colour, get in that kind of mush, getting the

  • sweetness out, what's quite interesting at the moment is a lot of my chefs are kind of

  • scalding and just charring things and see that little bit of char happening

  • now in the old days you get told off for that but in these days that's considered

  • super super fashionable that's what people want but it does give a nice

  • little smokey edge, a little season of salt, pepper, olive oil just to delicately dress it..lemon juice

  • just massage that in, now cos we're doing this for 4 people you know I don't know if it's lunch or dinner

  • but you can kind of, lets say two eggs per person with this particular dish one of the things I saw

  • from the nonnas who was making me a beautiful frittata one day instead of just beating

  • the eggs until they're really really smooth and perfectly beaten, she kind of had it so it was marbled ok so you can

  • beat it but just kinda beat it badly, okay so pan on a little bit of olive oil

  • goes in shake around the pan we go in with the eggs, we're just going to kind of move

  • it around a little bit so look it's kind of like one-quarter cooked

  • you can see it right there then I can go in with my greens that are dressed nicely and just do lovely

  • little bombs of the greens in there

  • so we get in the good stuff and then we're gonna go in with our lovely smashed peas in there as well

  • pushing it in and then there's some ricotta here I love ricotta so this is a lovely

  • delicate cheese and again push this into that egg and then some parmesan on top and then what I like to do is

  • get some herbs like sage, rosemary I've got some marjoram here these are really really nice and a

  • lovely little tip is just put a little bit of oil in there, massage those up

  • incredible flavor from this and marjoram's a really typical herb used in

  • a really good frittata especially when their flowering they're really really

  • beautiful and then into the oven we go

  • So, I'm going to do a nice little thing to go with it

  • six olives and a chilli will be more than enough I'm just going to squeeze

  • the pip out of the olives, we're gonna make a nice little sorta salsa, chilli, olives, mint ok so I've got all the pips out

  • very very simple I'm gonna finely slice the red chilli let's get some black olives we

  • can just kind of roughly chop these into like chunks beautiful love mint

  • so just finely chop that and this will make the most basic, simple salsa on the planet just mix

  • up in here with a tiny bit of lovely oil to transmit the flavors about 2 tablespoons will do

  • let's go with lemon juice to freshen it up

  • The frittata will be done now this salsa is nice, right let's have a little look at this bad boy that my friends is what we

  • getting, you can see it's poofed up, what's quite nice is I love the way the edges here get

  • almost like rice paper, really crackly

  • you know it is cooked through but we haven't cooked the life out of it just

  • gonna run a palette knife around the edge just very lightly you can just turn

  • it out which is very very simple I like to see what's going on

  • I've got some lovely dressed pea shoots here, olive and chilli-mint salsa going on top

  • this is a lovely little dinner, lunch, brunch that's it really guys that is one of my

  • many expressions of a fritatta, the Italians do such a good job of it let's have a

  • little try, I really love the fact that we bigged up the greens and dressed them

  • the little salsa really makes it work gorgeous I love the kind of chunks of really fresh ricotta

  • and then that lovely hum of parmesan and them mild eggs really nice a much firmer omelette

  • but very very nice, so there you go, the frittata

OK frittata, I've been shown a frittata by nonnas and chefs all around Italy they have

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How to Make Frittata | Jamie Oliver

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