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  • I've got gorgeous dense chocolate mousse served with a little bit of fruit

  • put about an inch or so water in a pan

  • I've got it on a medium heat and I want to melt this chocolate

  • so get yourself some sort of seventy percent cocoa solid

  • chocolate, in the pack, give it a little slap

  • that's gonna smash it up, okay so I need three bowls for this mousse

  • I've got one bowl going on to the simmering water here

  • don't let the bowl touch the water. Okay, that's gonna gently heat up

  • and melt our chocolate, so I'm going to put our chocolate straight into there

  • that's 200 grams of chocolate okay, then I'm going to put a tiny pinch

  • of salt into there and if you think that's weird

  • it actually seasons the chocolate and helps it get chocolatier

  • then I need a knob of butter then get yourself some double cream

  • 300 mls is what we're looking for now you can use vanilla extract

  • or use some of this vanilla paste which I'm loving at the moment, about a

  • teaspoon

  • goes in about two heaped tablespoons

  • of sugar goes in, the cream

  • hardly need anything, just angle the bowl and

  • just whisk it, you can see literally from 25 seconds of whisking it's already

  • doubled its thickness critically important

  • that you don't really take it much more than that, it's still coming off of a spoon

  • I need two lovely free range large eggs I'm just gonna crack

  • my egg on the side the old classic of

  • half it and bounce the yolk backwards and forwards

  • and then put the yolk in with the cream that makes it silky and even richer

  • the chocolate is basically done that comes now

  • of the heat and then all we've got to do now is whisk up this egg whites here

  • Two egg whites takes no time at all

  • See, okay so I've got my egg whites, I know that it's whipped

  • very quickly cause it's sitting above my head we now put

  • our Chocolate into our beautiful cream okay

  • So get rid of the whisk

  • now we going into spatula if there's a favorite booze that you like with chocolate

  • just put a cap full okay, egg whites go in

  • and then I'm just gonna slowly fold these egg whites in

  • there you go so

  • this goes in the fridge all done. And for the dessert

  • all I do get a little Coco

  • and just for a little edge just put some cocoa on top

  • there you go absolutely gorgeous

I've got gorgeous dense chocolate mousse served with a little bit of fruit

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